Who played Cal Borland?

HOME Improvement star Richard Karn has opened up about what life was really like as Al Borland on the ’90s sitcom. Now 60-years-old, Karn spoke to news.com.au about how he landed his role on the show that ran for eight seasons, what Tim Allen’s really like and what he’s up to now.

Are Cal and Al Borland related?

Cal Borland (Keith Lehman) – Al’s brother, a physicist.

Who is Stan’s girlfriend Martin?

Myra (BeBe Drake-Massey): Stan’s girlfriend; they once double-dated with Martin and Gina (while Martin was on the outs with Cole, Pam and Tommy). She was a customer of Sheneneh’s hair salon, and went bald after Gina treated her hair. She was last seen in season 3 working as a clerk at the unemployment office.

Who was the first Tool Time Girl?

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson played Lisa, the first “Tool Time Girl” in the series, launching her acting career. Before “Home Improvement,” Anderson was seen on the pages of Playboy. She broke into acting in 1991 when she landed the part of Lisa, who was the “Tool Time Girl” on the fictional show “Tool Time.”

How much is Tim Allen worth?

Tim Allen has been a small-screen staple across several decades thanks to his hit shows “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing.” His acting and voice work — specifically for the “Toy Story” films — have made Allen a very rich man; his net worth is $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Binford a real tool company?

Binford Tools is a fictional hardware and power tool company from Home Improvement. Along with sponsoring Tim Taylor’s Tool Time, a common occurrence involved Tim showcasing an overpowered version of one of Binford’s products (usually the “Binford 6100”), often leading to disaster.

Who are the characters in the TV show Martin?

Premise. Set in Detroit, Michigan the series stars Martin Lawrence in the role of Martin Payne, a disc jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters ( Tisha Campbell-Martin ). Martin works for the fictional radio station WZUP and later for local Public-access television station Channel 51.

Who are the members of the management team of Borland?

According to the London IPO filings, the management team was Philippe Kahn as president, Spencer Ozawa as VP of Operations, Marie Bourget as CFO, and Spencer Leyton as VP of sales and business development, while all software development was continuing to take place in Denmark and later London as the Danish co-founders moved there.

Who are the main characters in Martin Lawrence?

Martin Lawrence took his new show Martin to the top of the mountain with his persona, characters, and jokes that made Cosby Show look like Punky Brewster regarding laughs. With Martin leading the way, he was joined by others such as Tommy, Cole, Pam, and his girlfriend Gina.

Where did Martin from word on the street live?

Premise. As the series progressed, plotlines saw Martin eventually move on to become the host of the talk show Word on the Street, which aired on the small Detroit public-access television station Channel 51. He retained this position until the series’ final episode, in which he and Gina prepared to move to Los Angeles,…