Who makes Frontier wheel rakes?

Pequea, a family-owned farm equipment manufacturer headquartered in New Holland, Pa., has inked a deal with John Deere to produce Frontier brand rotary rakes, rotary tedders and wood chippers.

What does a wheel rake do?

Wheel Rakes These rakes are built for speed and productivity when handling dry hay. Wheel rakes are simple machines that require minimal adjustments for proper operation. The economical ground drive simplifies operation and reduces cost.

How wide is a 8 wheel rake?

This 8 wheel carted hay rake will make quick work of gathering your crop into windrows. The hay rake arms can be lifted hydraulically for transport. The transport width is 10 feet.

What size hay rake do I need?

If you want to rake two swaths on one the basic math would be to take your mower width (18 ft) + swath width (6 ft) + some wiggle room ( 2-3 ft) = about 27 ft, so 30 should work. We run a 14 ft mower, drop a 7 ft swath, and rake with a 23 ft rake.

Who makes Frontier Equipment?

John Deere
Frontier is a line of implements and attachments, sold exclusively by John Deere dealerships. Frontier currently works with alliance partners who manufacture the broad range of products to the company’s specifications.

Are Wheel rakes any good?

Wheel rakes They perform well in dry hay and stalk fields, but aren’t the best option for wetter, heavier forage crops. Models like the Vermeer VR1428 high-capacity wheel rake can rake in 28-ft-wide (8.5 m) passes, making for efficient progress in dry hay fields, Wang said.

Can you Ted hay with a wheel rake?

Wheel rakes can flip a windrow over or can agitate hay that is spread in the field, but they tend to leave clumps of hay that don’t dry well. Some machines are specifically built to convert between raking and tedding. However, one rake that is perfectly designed for use as a tedder is the belt rake.

How wide is a 4 wheel hay rake?


Model Ibex TM150 4 Wheel Rake
Number of Fingers per Wheel 40
Working Width 12 ft 6 in (150 in)
Connection Category 1, 3-Point Hitch
Weight 400 lbs

How wide is a hay rake?

Compare Frontier High-Capacity Carted Wheel Rakes

Model Raking Width Windrow Width
WR3110 Raking Width 22 ft. (6.71 m) maximum Windrow Width 48 – 72 in. (121.9 – 183 cm)
WR3112 Raking Width 24 ft. 4 in. (7.32 m) maximum Windrow Width 48 – 72 in. (121.9 – 183 cm)

How big is a frontier carted wheel rake?

The jack stores conveniently on the rake frame. Each model folds to less than 11-feet 4-inches wide for easy transport and convenient storage. The lock pins (inset)keep the rake frames in position during transport. An SMV sign comes standard. Get higher quality hay in every bale with a Frontier Carted Wheel Rake.

What kind of warranty does John Deere wheel rake have?

Frontier Wheel Rakes are backed with a one-year warranty and the best dealer network in the industry – John Deere. To help you choose the right Frontier Wheel Rake, talk to your John Deere dealer, your exclusive distributor of Frontier Equipment. www.BuyFrontier.com

What kind of tools did the frontier use?

Frontier Universal Hay Tool Parts | Rotary Cutter Parts | BP0006587New wheel caster spacer, 1/2″. Fi.. Frontier WR1008 Teeth | Rake Parts, Teeth: Baler, Harrow Rake, Tedder, ect. | 90095862}.. Frontier WR1008 Teeth | Rake Parts, Teeth: Baler, Harrow Rake, Tedder, ect. | 90095347}..

What kind of hay rake do I Need?

Get higher quality hay in every bale with a Frontier Carted Wheel Rake. Available in 8-, 10-, and 12-wheel models, there’s a Frontier hay rake that’s just right for your haymaking operation. These efficient and durable rakes are easily adaptable to your conditions.