Who made mud king tires?

BFGoodrich Mud King XT, 3,305 lbs. Max. Load, 16″ Tire

Sidewall Style Solid white letters
Tire Construction Radial
Directional No
Tire Diameter (in) 32.90 in.
Load Range D

What is the difference between AT and XT tires?

The A/T R can have a smoother ride on pavement, and the XT can have greater sidewall puncture, and abrasion resistance. Now you know the reason why the new system is needed. Next we come to rubber compound. To put it into simplest terms, the harder the compound, the greater the mileage you will get out of the tire.

What does XT stand for on tires?

Hybrid Tires Hybrid tires, also known as X/T or crossover tires, have larger tread voids than all-terrain tires, especially on the shoulder lugs. They also have pretty aggressive side-biters. They are a perfect blend of AT and MT tires, with on and off-road capabilities.

What does RT mean for tires?

rugged terrain tire
Scott Jamieson, Cooper: An R/T, or rough/rugged terrain tire, blends the more aggressive look of a mud tire with the more comfortable ride and long-lasting performance of an all-terrain tire.

When to return trivant mud King XT tires?

We accept unmounted tire returns within 30 days. Have questions? Live tire specialists are here to help. Mud Terrain tires offer drivers traction on off-road terrains such as mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rock, and are commonly used on CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, and jeeps.

Where is the headquarters of mud King products?

At Mud King Products we don’t believe in selling you on flashy Mission statements or Guarantees, we let our Product do the talking and word of mouth do the selling. With our headquarters centrally located in Houston, TX we are here to serve you, because ultimately that is what is most important.

What do we pride ourselves on at Mud King?

This is why we pride ourselves on: QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, PRICE, DELIVERY, AND AFTER SALE SERVICE. Each and every one of these components can be as important as the next. Our objective at Mud King is to exceed your expectations in every way possible. Our team is committed to this, our company lives by this.