Who Kruger criteria sperm concentration?

According to WHO criteria, a normal ejaculate must have at least 30% normal sperm. According to Kruger’s criteria, IVF outcome was suboptimal when normal sperm morphology was less than 14% and worst if it was under 4%.

What are the parameters tested in performing sperm analysis?

Semen analysis is an integral part of the evaluation of the infertile couple. The basic parameters of a semen analysis include sperm concentration, motility, and morphology. Sperm morphology may be assessed under low magnification without staining using standard WHO criteria.

What is an acceptable sperm count?

Semen analysis results Normal sperm densities range from 15 million to greater than 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. You are considered to have a low sperm count if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter or less than 39 million sperm total per ejaculate.

What is the normal range of sperm morphology?

The precise range can vary, but typically a normal or healthy sperm morphology range is between 4 and 14 percent NF. A score below 4 percent may mean it takes longer than normal to achieve pregnancy. A result of 0 percent NF usually means in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be necessary for conception.

What is a good motility rate for sperm?

Sperm count: at least 20 million per milliliter (m/mL) Sperm motility, or the ability to move rapidly: 60% to 80% actively moving. Sperm morphology, or the sperm’s shape and size: 70% to 90% normally shaped.

Who sperm motility?

Semen analysis results table

WHO reference range
Sperm concentration 15–259 million per mL
Total motility (progressive and non-progressive) 40–81 percent
Progressive motility 32–75 percent
Sperm morphology 4–48 percent

What are signs of unhealthy sperm?

Low sperm count symptoms might include:

  • Problems with sexual function — for example, low sex drive or difficulty maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area.
  • Decreased facial or body hair or other signs of a chromosome or hormone abnormality.

What is a good sperm motility?

Can I get pregnant if my husband has abnormal sperm morphology?

Can an abnormally shaped sperm fertilize an egg? Yes, it can. However, having higher amounts of abnormally shaped sperm has been associated with infertility in some studies. Usually, higher numbers of abnormally shaped sperm are associated with other irregularities of the semen such as low sperm count or motility.

Can morphology of sperm improve?

Since many of the factors that can impair male fertility are fixable, sperm morphology can be improved without medications. Studies show there is a relationship between sperm shape and caffeine, alcohol and tobacco use.

What is the best medicine for sperm motility?

Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) Clomiphene citrate is an estrogen blocker. When men take it in oral form, it triggers the pituitary gland to make more luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulation hormone (FSH). A higher-level of these two hormones can improve sperm count, morphology and motility.

What are the criteria for a who semen analysis?

1. 1 SEMEN ANALYSIS WHO 2010 Notes on semen analysis (WHO 2010 criteria) .. By Dr. Ashish V. Jawarkar Contact: [email protected] Website: pathologybasics.wix.com/notes 2. 2 Overview 1. Contents of seminal fluid 2. indications of semen analysis 3. collection of sample 4.

What are the who standards for sperm concentration?

The WHO criteria changes at times however the sperm concentration criteria have been the same for a long time now, which is; there should be at least 15 million sperm cells per mL and the ejaculate volume should be at least 1.4 mL.

Who Laboratory Manual for the examination and processing of human semen?

WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen – 5th ed. Previous editions had different title : WHO laboratory manual for the examination of human semen and sperm-cervical mucus interaction.

What is the nomenclature related to semen quality?

Nomenclature related to semen quality Notes on semen analysis (WHO 2010 criteria) .. By Dr. Ashish V. Jawarkar Contact: [email protected] Website: pathologybasics.wix.com/notes 3. 3 * Contents of semen Part 1. Testes 2. Epididymis (sperms mature here, storage site) 3. Vas deferens (also storage site) 4.