Who is the owner of Oberoi Realty?

Vikas Oberoi
Vikas Oberoi is the Chairman and Managing Director of Oberoi Realty Ltd. He is involved in the formulation of corporate strategy and management and concentrates on the growth and diversification plans of the company. Headquartered in Mumbai, Oberoi Realty is one of India’s leading real estate development companies.

Where does Vikas Oberoi stay?

REAL TIME NET WORTH. Property magnate Vikas Oberoi controls and runs Mumbai-listed Oberoi Realty, known for its high-end suburban condos. Oberoi owns a Westin hotel in suburban Mumbai and is building the city’s first Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences.

Who is the husband of Gayatri Joshi?

Vikas Oberoim. 2005
Gayatri Joshi/Husband

Who is mother of Gayatri Joshi?

Hema Milani
Gayatri Joshi/Mothers

What is Gayatri Joshi doing now?

Gayatri Joshi Oberoi- The present. Now 12 years after that movie, Gayatri Joshi is happily married to business tycoon, Vikas Oberoi, who is the owner of the Oberoi Realty and one of the richest families in India.

Is Vivek Oberoi rich?

Net worth of Vivek Oberoi is estimated around $15 million. Approx. 110 Crore in Indian Rupees. He takes as charge/fee around 3-4 crore per movie or depend on work.

How tall is Vikas Oberoi height and weight?

Vikas Oberoi biography, biodata, wiki, profession, age, date of birth, height, wife, family, education, religion, caste & more. Biography. Name. Vikas Oberoi (विकास ओबेरॉय) Full Name. Vikas Ranvir Oberoi. Profession/Occupation. Businessman. CEO, Oberoi Realty.

Who is the actress married to Vikas Oberoi?

Vikas Oberoi biography/ wiki/ biodata/ profile/ information/ Details/ Updates/ Latest News/ Personal life /History/ Interview about Vikas Oberoi here Vikas Oberoi is a popular indian businessman who is married to popular actress Gayathri Joshi. The couple got married in 2005.

Who are Gayatri and Vikas Oberoi in real life?

Gayatri and Vikas Oberoi belong to this class of people. Tagging them are their two well-brought up and adorable boys, Vihaan and Yuvaan Now this is a family after my heart.

Who is the CEO of Oberoi Realty Ltd?

Currently, Vikas Ranvir Oberoi occupies the position of Chairman & Managing Director at Oberoi Realty Ltd. and Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Oberoi Constructions Ltd. and Trustee & Trustee-Employees Group Gratuity at Oberoi Foundation (both are subsidiaries of Oberoi Realty Ltd.).