Who is the owner of kokosing?

William Burgett
William Burgett, founder of Kokosing Construction Co., Inc.

How much is kokosing construction company worth?

Including all of its divisions, Kokosing Inc. is the seventh-largest construction company in the Midwest, with 2018 revenue of $1.15 billion, according to the trade publication ENR Midwest.

Is kokosing a union company?

Largest Union Employer in the Region In 1963, Kokosing signed its first labor agreements and today is affiliated with the following unions: Ironworkers. Laborers. Carpenters.

How many employees does Corna Kokosing have?

She brings 25 years of construction industry experience across many market sectors and provides leadership and strategic direction to over 250 team members that are passionately committed to excellence..

Where did the name kokosing come from?

The Kokosing takes its name from a Native American word meaning “place of owls.” Like an owl, Kenyon College is nestled among the trees atop a hill near the Kokosing.

What township is Fredericktown Ohio in?

Knox County

What is kokosing?

Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, Kokosing is one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest. Kokosing’s primary business lines include industrial, transportation, buildings, pipelines, environmental and marine work. Additionally, Kokosing owns construction material supply companies.

Who bought Corman Construction?

Burgett Family
The combined assets of Corman Construction and Corman Marine Construction have been purchased by the Burgett Family. Corman joins the Kokosing Family of Companies.

What does kokosing mean?

The Kokosing is a small river, barely a stream after a storm, which meanders. its way through the gently undulating hills and farmland of central Ohio. The Kokosing takes its name from a Native American word meaning “place of owls.” Like an owl, Kenyon College is nestled among the trees atop a hill near the Kokosing.

Where is kokosing?

The Kokosing River (ko-KO-sing) is a tributary of the Walhonding River, 57.2 miles (92.1 km) long, in east-central Ohio in the United States….

Kokosing River
• location Morrow County, Ohio
• location Walhonding River, western Coshocton County, Ohio
Length 57.2 mi (92.1 km)

Who founded Fredericktown Ohio?

John Kerr
History of Fredericktown Ohio. Lucas Sullivant, a surveyor from Virginia, purchased 4000 acres of land from the U.S. Government in the area between the South and East forks of Owl Creek. He offered 50 acres to John Kerr on the condition he settle there and erect a mill on the site Sullivant discovered.

Where is Frederick Ohio?

Frederick is an unincorporated community in Miami County, in the U.S. state of Ohio.

When did Kokosing Construction Company change its name?

The company name was changed in 1954 to Kokosing Construction Company. The original logo was a crest with KCC in the middle. Those first few years we built a number of new houses in the Mount Vernon and Fredericktown area as well as remodeling them.

What kind of work does Kokosing Construction do?

A market leader in self-performing projects of any size and scope, Kokosing offers a full range of services throughout the Midwest. Specializing in all facets of road and bridge construction, Kokosing provides a diversified range of capabilities.

Who was the first accountant for Kokosing Construction?

Our first accounting and financial work was prepared by Campbell-Rose & Company from Mansfield, but in 1965 we began using Richard V. Kleshinski, of Mansfield. We are very fortunate to have developed a relationship both personal and professional that has lasted over 35 years.

Who is the CEO of Corna Kokosing Construction Company?

In July 2019, Lori (Burgett) Gillett was elected CEO of Corna Kokosing by the Board of Directors, continuing her work in the Burgett family-owned construction business.