Who is the model in the Tetley tea commercial?

actress Celia Pacquola
Comedian and actress Celia Pacquola is starring in a new series of ads for Tetley’s new cold water tea bags. In the ads, Pacquola educates a model about the widespread dehydration of Australians and how the new Cold Infusions tea bags could make drinking water more interesting.

What advert was lovely day on?

Public interest was again piqued in 1995, when “Lovely Day” was used in adverts for Tetley tea, again in 1999 for a Gap commercial directed by Hype Williams, and yet again in 2020 in ads for Good Morning Football on NFL Network, Allstate insurance TV commercial, as well as an ad for Pandora Jewelers.

What is the PG Tips monkey called?

Monkey is the mascot of the now defunct television company ITV Digital in 2001 and PG Tips tea from 2007 to 2017.

What type of tea is Tetley original?

British Blend, Classic Blend and Tetley Iced Tea brewed from tea bags are all black teas. Our Classic and British Blends are two different black tea blends. The Classic Blend is more of an “everyday” black tea, while British Blend is made from premium Kenyan and Assam teas and delivers a richer tea flavor.

Who is in the Pandora lovely day advert?

That’s right, Millie and her four-legged BFF star in Pandora’s new Christmas campaign – in collaboration with renowned animation studio – Andy Baker Studios. Aptly called ‘One Lovely Day,’ its goal is to help spread holiday spirit and love.

What are the Tetley Tea characters called?


  • 2.1 Gaffer.
  • 2.2 Sydney.
  • 2.3 Maurice.
  • 2.4 Clarence.
  • 2.5 Gordon.
  • 2.6 Tina.
  • 2.7 Archie.

Why did PG Tips stop using monkeys?

PG Tips stopped using chimps because they realised it was no longer acceptable.” He said primate welfare groups and experts had condemned the ad and campaigners would protest outside Halfords stores.

Is Tetley tea safe?

Testing by CBC Marketplace and CBC’s French investigative consumer show L’Epicerie reveals that some teas on the market contain levels of pesticides that exceed Canadian standards. CBC tested black and green teas including Canada’s most popular brands: Lipton, Red Rose, Tetley and Twinings.

Does Tetley tea have plastic?

Do Tetley tea bags contain plastic? We’ve worked hard to ensure that our tea bags are 99% bio degradable. However, as a result of the manufacturing process, Tetley tea bags do contain a very small amount of plastic to ensure the bags remain closed for you to enjoy your cup of tea.

Who is the man in the Pandora Advert 2020?

Actor Keith Eric Chappelle. Pandora has dropped its Christmas commercial, urging you to “make her shine this holiday with Pandora jewellery”.

Is the Tetley Tea Folk commercial on YouTube?

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How long has Tetley Tea been making tea?

With 180 years of tea expertise, Tetley offers wide variety of blends to delight everyone. For 180 years, we at Tetley have been working on producing tea flavors that are truly magical, for a perfect cup of tea is a sip of happiness! A Royal Wedding Tea Tasting!

What does Tetley do in the tough times?

Our message to you all from Tetley, is that in these tough times we will continue to do our best to look after our staff’s health and welfare; get our tea out to the nation; and play our part in helping the most vulnerable in our communities. You can read all of our latest updates on this here