Who is the main character of Cannery Row?

MackHazelLee ChongDora Flood
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Who was the inspiration for Doc in Cannery Row?

Ed Ricketts
In 1930, Steinbeck met Ed Ricketts, an accomplished marine biologist who operated the Pacific Biological Laboratory at 800 Cannery Row. Ricketts was the inspiration for the character “Doc” in Cannery Row, although he wasn’t called Doc in real life.

What type of people are in Cannery Row?

The story revolves around the people living there: Lee Chong, the local grocer; Doc, a marine biologist; and Mack, the leader of a group of derelict people. The actual location Steinbeck was writing about, Ocean View Avenue in Monterey, was later renamed “Cannery Row” in honor of the book.

Who are Mack and the boys in Cannery Row?

Hazel, Eddie, Gay, Hughie and Jones all live in the Palace Flophouse with Mack. Most of the time they’re a unit, “Mack and the boys.” They’re like the opposite of a composite character: they’re one character split into five bodies, or like one big animal with six heads.

Which character loves boats but is afraid of the ocean?

The boat will never be finished because Henri is afraid of the ocean, but, more importantly, it is his life’s work. A series of women come and go from the boat.

How did Hazel get his name in Cannery Row?

Hazel was given a girl’s name by his mother, who had too many children and was confused as to his gender. She named him after an aunt with some money, hoping to benefit by the gesture.

What is the sardine capital of the world?

World War II cannery expansion: Monterey became “Sardine Capital of the World” as it fed a world at war with the plentiful and nutritious Monterey sardine. Within five years the industry would die on its waterfront for lack of sardines.

Who does Doc call the true philosophers?

He calls Mack and the boys “true philosophers” who are “healthy and curiously clean” (23.11).

Why does Mack borrow Lee Chong’s truck?

Why did mack and the boys borrow lee chong’s truck? To collect Frogs for Doc.

Why do sardines come from Morocco?

We harvest the pilchard sardines in the cold Atlantic waters of Morocco mainly in the summer/fall months when they’re at their healthiest (and tastiest!) because they’ve been saving up energy for the next mating season. We time our pilchard harvest so that our sardines have a delicate flavor and slightly firm texture.

What happened to the sardines in Monterey?

The industry at first had no regulation of hours and shifts, and work in a cannery was often long, cold, smelly and unsafe. After World War II, the sardines disappeared from Monterey Bay and brought economic disaster to Cannery Row.

Why does Doc call Mack and the boys true philosophers?

Doc is telling his friend that the boys are true philosophers because they know better than to want worldly success, which is only accompanied by bad things. The two men bet on whether the boys will look up when the Independence Day parade passes.