Who is Shawn Mullins singing about in lullaby?

Shawn Mullins

What year did Lullaby by Shawn Mullins come out?

You probably remember Shawn Mullins from his 1998 hit “Lullaby.” Though “Lullaby” has come and gone on the airwaves, Mullins’ career has hardly been put to rest. The acoustic-folk singer-songwriter just released his 6th album since Soul’s Core, a new collection called Light You Up.

Who originally sang lullaby?

Lullaby (Shawn Mullins song)

Songwriter(s) Shawn Mullins
Producer(s) Shawn Mullins
Shawn Mullins singles chronology
“Lullaby” (1998) “Shimmer” (1998)

Who wrote Lullaby by Shawn Mullins?


Is Matthew Sweet married?

Lisa Sweet
Matthew Sweet/Spouse

Who sang Rockabye Baby?

The Countdown Kids
The Countdown Singers
Rock-A-Bye Baby/Artists

Who is Shawn Mullins married to?

Kelly Hobbs Mullinsm. 1999
Shawn Mullins/Spouse

Was Shawn Mullins in the army?

Artist Biography An Atlanta-based folksinger best known for his Top Ten hit “Lullaby,” Shawn Mullins was serving as a member of the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Division when he released his first self-titled cassette (issued on his own label, SM) in 1989.

Who is on the cover of Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend album?

actress Tuesday Weld
The cover of the album features a photograph of actress Tuesday Weld from the late 1950s.

How old is Susanna Hoff?

62 years (January 17, 1959)
Susanna Hoffs/Age
Susanna Lee Hoffs (born January 17, 1959) is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known as a co-founder of the Bangles. Hoffs founded the Bangles (originally called the Bangs) in 1981 with Debbi and Vicki Peterson.

Why are children’s songs so dark?

If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably wondered at some point why so many of their favorite bedtime lullaby have dark undertones. Essentially this means that any song could serve as a lullaby – to be soothing the singer simply has to adjust the pace and rhythm at which the song is sung.

What’s the song Lullaby by Shawn Mullins about?

LULLABYE is about a young woman who lives an unfulfilled life, yet the lyrics had Trev’s name written all over them. Thanks, Shawn.

Where does Rockabye live in Shawn Mullins Lullaby?

Everything’s gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Rockabye She still lives with her mom Outside the city Down that street about a half a mile And all her friends tell her She’s so pretty But she’d be a whole lot prettier If she smiled once in a while ‘Cause even her smile Looks like a frown She’s seen her share of devils In this angel town

What was the name of the song written by Shawn Mullins?

Robin from Denton, Tx One of the greatest songs ever written. Shawn Mullins was in the military when he wrote the original draft of this incredible song. My late nephew, Trevor, considered this as his favorite ever.