Who is MIDiA?

MIDiA Research is a media and technology analysis company that offers consulting and syndicated research services. Research was founded by Mark Mulligan and is based in the United Kingdom.

Where is MIDiA Research based?

MiDIA Research is a UK-based research and analysis company covering entertainment and media sectors including music….MiDIA Research.

Founded April 2014
Headquarters London
Online Website Twitter LinkedIn

What is MIDiA Research?

MIDiA Research is a unique research and analysis subscription service focused on the digital content economy. Our reports, proprietary datasets and actionable advice help media and technology companies harness disruption and generate profits from digital content.

What does MIDiA stand for?

Media Insights & Decisions in Action
MIDiA stands for Media Insights & Decisions in Action. Our mission is to help media and technology companies develop purposeful strategies quickly through market understanding, clarity of vision, and workable innovation.

What is media consulting?

A media consultant is a marketing agent or public relations executive that is hired by businesses or political candidates to obtain positive press coverage.

Who is Midia consulting and what is peloton?

According to Independent Digital Music Distribution Company TuneCore, who worked with MIDiA Research to release their 2021 survey, they cited Record labels have had a more positive view of Peloton, says Mark Mulligan, a music industry analyst at MIDiA Consulting, as the company (along

What do you need to know about MIDiA research?

Clients receive access to MIDiA’s analyst team. Think of this as your very own insights department embedded within your firm. You can delve even deeper into reports, discuss the competitive landscape or request additional datasets where possible.

Who are the best consultants in the media industry?

Top consulting firms such as Bain, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group have media, technology, and entertainment practices. Media consultants at management consulting firms seek to address issues facing the industry such as strengthening operational efficiency, brand strategy, digital media strategies, and business technology.