Who is Jonathan Wood?

Jonathan Wood is a British hedge fund manager and donor to the UK Conservative Party. He is the founder of the hedge fund SRM Global. He donated £500,000 to the Conservative Party in 2010. Wood was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Whitstable, Kent, the middle of three children.

Why did Jonathan Patrick Moore change his name?

Upon moving to the United States, Wood was told by his agent that the Screen Actors Guild needed him to change his name because they already had a Jonathan Wood in the union. He had a supporting role in the television film William and Kate.

Can Jonathan Patrick Moore sing?

transplanted to the USA and now writing with a higher goal in mind: Jonathan is a singer-songwriter/worship leader who draws from an eclectic set of influences and continues to write, perform, and record as and when the fancy takes him.

How old is Patrick Moore the actor?

89 years (1923–2012)
Patrick Moore/Age at death

Does Jonathan Patrick Moore have children?

Moore’s height is 5′ 11½” (1.82 m). Moore has been previously known as Jonathan Wood. He has a daughter with his fiancée.

Is Jonathan Patrick Moore married?

Talia Krape
Jonathan Patrick Moore/Spouse

How tall is Jonathan Patrick Moore?

5′ 11½”
Moore’s height is 5′ 11½” (1.82 m). Moore has been previously known as Jonathan Wood.

Did Patrick Moore Meet the Wright brothers?

Cool fact from Wikipedia. Patrick Moore was the only man to meet the first aviator, Orville Wright, the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, and the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. …and to have been an accomplished player of the xylophone. Saw him in a bookshop in about 1975, and he was a big man in every way.

Who presented The Sky at Night?

Patrick Moore
The first edition of The Sky at Night was shown on 24 April 1957. It was introduced by Paul Johnstone, but featured Patrick Moore, who presented the programme until his death in December 2012 – making him the longest running host of the same TV programme ever.

Who played Oliver in blindspot?

Last week’s episode of Blindspot culminated with Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore) being kidnapped by mysterious masked men.

Where is Patrick Moore buried?

Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore CBE HonFRS FRAS
Died 9 December 2012 (aged 89) Selsey, West Sussex, England
Resting place Chichester, West Sussex, England
Known for The Sky at Night Gamesmaster
Awards Commander of the Order of the British Empire Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

How old is The Sky at Night?

The Sky at Night
Original network BBC One (1957–2013) BBC Four (2014–)
Original release 24 April 1957 – present
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