Who is impark and what do they do?

Impark operates parking facilities on behalf of property owners and asset managers through parking management agreements providing bankable leases. Since 1962, Impark has had a reputation for offering superior service to its customers and clients, and for employing leading edge technology in parking solutions.

How to contact impark parking in San Francisco?

San Francisco, CA 94124 Impark Phone: 415.227.0114 CityPark Phone: 415.495.3909 Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm For Meter or Parking Lot issues, call: 415.227.0114 To speak with us about managing or leasing your parking facility, please call: 415.813.4246

How many imparks are there in the United States?

Monthly Parking Impark manages over 4,600 locations in the U.S. and Canada. If you park regularly at the same location, monthly parking may be right for you.

Is there parking at PHL north or South?

Welcome to Expresspark, your leader in PHL airport parking at Philadelphia International Airport! We offer airport parking at 2 convenient locations. Our North PHL airport parking lot and our South PHL airport parking lot. Our services come with an extremely fast 2 minute airport shuttle to and from Philadelphia International Airport.

How did Jackson Park in Chicago get its name?

Named for Seventh President Andrew Jackson, it is one of two Chicago Park District parks with the name “Jackson”, the other being Mahalia Jackson Park for the gospel music singer in the Auburn Gresham community on the far southwest side of Chicago.

How big is Jackson Park in Woodlawn Chicago?

Located in the Woodlawn community, Jackson Park totals 551.52 acres and features a gymnasium, three multi-purpose rooms, and fitness center. Green features of the park include Wooded Island – which includes the Japanese styled Garden of the Phoenix, previously referred to as Osaka Garden – Bobolink Meadows, and a vegetable and flower garden.

How is Jackson Park connected to Grant Park?

Jackson Park is connected by the Midway Plaisance to Washington Park (see Encyclopedia of Chicago Map). In accordance with a canal that Olmsted wanted built between the two parks, a long excavation was made on the Midway, but water has never been allowed in. It is connected to Grant Park by Burnham Park.