Who is Frank Russell?

Frank Russell, a basketball star from a famous local basketball family who played at the University of Detroit and briefly in the NBA and after his playing days became a fixture in Pontiac and Oakland County youth initiatives and media, has died. Russell died Monday, the university confirmed.

What is Russell Investments known for?

Founded by Frank Russell in 1936 in Tacoma, Washington, Russell Investments began as a stockbroker and consultant, and later created the Russell 2000 Index, one of the most followed stock market indices in the U.S. His grandson, George Russell, has been credited with expanding the company and pioneering the business of …

How big is Russell Investments?

Russell Investments offers investment solutions in 31 countries, manages $290 billion in assets (as of June 30, 2018) and provides consulting services on $2.3 trillion in assets (as of Dec. 31, 2017).

Is Russell Investments a hedge fund?

Russell Investments is committed to providing alternative investment solutions to clients and our capabilities in the hedge fund space are broad. Highly-experienced investment professionals. In-depth global manager research. Diversified access to quality hedge fund managers.

How many employees does Russell Investments have?

Russell Investments/Number of employees

What does Russell name mean?

Russell is a male given name that originated from the surname Russell, which in turn derives from the French name russel (Old Norse rossel) “red-haired or red-skinned”, from rus (Old Norse ros) “red hair color” or “reddish skin” and the suffix -el. Russell may be shortened to Russ or Rush.

Who bought Russell?

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired Russell Corporation for $600 million in early 2006.

What is outsourced CIO?

Many companies have a chief investment officer (CIO), someone who’s in charge of a company’s financial assets. An outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) is someone who handles a company’s financial goals and plans but isn’t a full-time employee.

Is Russell a Russian name?

Russell, also Russel or Rossell, is a British surname. The origin of the name has historically been subject to disagreement, with two distinct origins proposed. This nickname was a diminutive of the Norman-French rus (Old French ros, Modern French roux), meaning ‘red’, and was also an archaic name for the red fox.

Is Russell a good name?

Russell is a name with greater success and longer endurance on the American popularity charts than we would have guessed. Its usage and appeal has remained relatively constant until the 1990s.

Is Russell a Walmart brand?

Russell, available at Walmart, is the active apparel brand that connects a consumer’s product performance needs with value and comfort for life’s everyday activities.

Who is the CEO of Russell Athletic?

Russell Athletic was founded in 1902. Russell Athletic’s headquarters is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA 42103. Russell Athletic’s CEO, John C. Adams, current…

How much money does the Frank Russell Company manage?

The Frank Russell Company is an investment services firm that advises more than 1,000 money management clients in 35 countries who oversee $1 trillion in assets. The company also manages mutual funds, retirement plans, and other accounts worth more than $66 billion, and compiles the well-known Russell 1000, 2000, and 3000 stock indexes.

Who is the owner of the Russell trademark?

Frank Russell Company is the owner of the Russell trademarks contained in this material and all trademark rights related to the Russell trademarks, which the members of the Russell Investments group of companies are permitted to use under license from Frank Russell Company.

When did Northwestern Mutual take over Russell Investments?

His grandson, George Russell, has been credited with expanding the company and pioneering the business of pension consulting when he secured J. C. Penney as the first pension client. Northwestern Mutual acquired Russell Investments during 1998–1999 for $1.2 billion. The company’s headquarters were relocated to Seattle in 2009.

What kind of investment company is Russell Investments?

Russell Investments is a global asset management firm, founded in 1936. It provides multi-asset investing solutions to institutional investors, as well as to individuals via financial advisors.