Who is Bill Pentz?

In his current role he manages the sales operations for the Oncology field sales force. He has created innovative programs that are extremely valuable to field management. Bill creates and communicates specific sales strategies to the entire company at national and regional sales meetings.

Do cyclone dust collectors work?

How Does a Cyclone Dust Collector Work? The centrifugal force created by this fast, circular air flow drives the heavier plastic particles, fines, and dust outward toward the wall of the cyclone chamber. They hit the wall, lose velocity, and fall down into a hopper or bin located underneath the cyclone collector.

What size should a cyclone dust collector be?

I strongly recommend making my 18″ diameter if you are using a dust collection blower up to 5 hp and my 6″ vacuum sized cyclone if working with a shop vacuum.

Why do Cyclones collect dust?

Centrifugal collectors In a typical cyclone, the dust gas stream enters at an angle and is spun rapidly. The centrifugal force created by the circular flow throws the dust particles toward the wall of the cyclone. After striking the wall, these particles fall into a hopper located underneath.

What is a 2 stage dust collector?

A two-stage dust collector consists of a first stage cyclone, a blower and a second stage after filter. A cyclone separator is a cone shaped vessel into which the dust-laden air enters. The blower then relays the fine dust to the after filter.

How far can a dust collector work?

Improving a single-stage dust collector A 2-hp machine is strong enough to support about 18 ft. of flexible hose, which also allows for semi-permanent connection to several machines at once.

Is 650 cfm enough for dust collection?

A 3/4 -hp, 650 CFM collector, like the wall-mounted unit shown below might be the perfect solution for a small shop. It’s small enough to move around the shop as needed and conveniently hangs on the wall, out of the way of your tools. In spite of its small size, I found this type of unit worked very well.

How do you size a shop dust collector?

For a rectangle, multiply the length by width, then multiply that number by 28 to find the flow of CFM at 4,000 feet per minute (fpm) airflow. Find the largest CFM number out of all your tools, and that’s what you’ll go on for the required rating for your dust collector.

What is best to dust furniture?

The Best Way to Dust Your Furniture Navas recommends you wipe a damp microfiber cloth over the affected surface to collect the stray particles. Or, you can just grab an electrostatic duster, which uses static to attract dust and dirt particles. Now, your hard surfaces will be dust-free and scratch-free.

Which is the only metal cyclone dust collector on the market?

It’s the only metal cyclone dust collection system on the market designed and authorized by Bill Pentz. CVMAX Cyclone Bundle with Filters – single… CVMAX Dust Collector Bundle! The CVMAX is designed for shops running multiple machines on a regular basis.

What kind of Cyclone does Bill Pentz use?

Bill Pentz’s Cyclone Research Cyclone Basics In spite of what some would like us to believe, dust collection cyclones are simple tanks with no moving parts and have been used for dust separation for over seventy years.

Is there such a thing as a dust collector?

Even with these improvements recent testing showed almost every small shop dust collector and cyclone remain dust pumps that leave our shops with dangerously high amounts of the unhealthiest invisible airborne dust so this work needs continued. Meanwhile, I appreciate the prior efforts and help.

Who are the major commercial dust collection firms?

Two major commercial dust collection firms and the Air Engineering Vendor Group recommend staff and customers read these pages. Please do not get overwhelmed and forget your goal is to protect yourself and those close to you from fine dust.