Who invented Etnies?

Pierre André Senizergues
History. The company was launched in 1986 and following the end of his professional skateboarding career, current owner, Pierre André Sénizergues, commenced design work at etnies shortly after the company’s formation.

When did Etnies begin?


Is Etnies a good brand?

Many testers acclaim the sneaker for its durability, adding that it has high-quality construction and that it lasts longer than any other skate shoe. There’s good impact protection in the Etnies Marana Michelin, according to some wearers.

Are Etnies still popular?

The Callicut fizzled out as skate shoes slimmed down toward the end of the 2000s, but its influence is still felt today in the regular-ass people buying skate shoes because they think they’re “cool.” I know the original Callicut isn’t a fond memory for a lot of skateboarders, but it deserves at least as many cult jokes …

Is Etnies skater owned?

As a skateboarder-owned brand that has remained true to its mission since 1986, etnies thanks skateboarding for an unforgettable 35-year ride! In 2021, etnies salutes its past, enjoys the present and looks to continue pushing the limits in the future.

Are Etnies shoes made in China?

Even though the product states “ Men’s Etnies Shoes “, it DID give women’s sizes, as well. Perhaps, it was the size too big or my feet!! It is hard to tell sizing anymore, especially shopping online (Thank God for returns)! Since most “ everything “ is made in China, it is hard for US sizing!

What is the most popular skate shoe brand?

The Best Brands For Skate Shoes

  • Vans. It would be impossible to overstate the impact Californian label Vans has had on skateboarding footwear.
  • Converse.
  • New Balance.
  • Adidas Skateboarding.
  • Huf.
  • DC.
  • Supra.

When did es go out of business?

After announcing a hiatus in mid-2012, the brand returned in 2014 with special edition runs of their famous shoes distributed to select skateboard shops.

Is Etnies ethical?

It’s an ethically conscious clothing company that offers a range of sustainable fabrics to chose from such as Bamboo, Organics Cotton and salvage Fabrics.

Does lakai use sweatshops?

Lakai are made in sweatshops.

How fast do pro skaters go through shoes?

It will typically last 4 to 5 months for a frequent and intense street skater, while most shoes (except those on this list) tend to get holes after about 3 months.