Who does Ximen end up with in Meteor Garden?

When Ximen tells Shancai that he loves Xiaoyou though it’s so cute. They leave Lei to last as he is the hardest choice for Shancai. She has chosen him over Si before and now they want her to choose Si over Lei.

What is Hua Ze Lei real name?

Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei)

What episode does Shancai and Lei kiss?

Meteor Garden
Episode information Lei kisses Shan Cai Why aren’t you the one I love? Episode 8 (第八集) of the Chinese drama, Meteor Garden aired on July 16, 2018 after episode seven.

What is Meteor Garden story?

Plot. The story centers around an ordinary girl, Dong Shancai (Shen Yue), who is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, Ming De University. Gradually, Daoming Si falls deeply in love with Shancai, only to realize that she is in love with one of his best friends, Huaze Lei (Darren Chen).

Is Lei in love with Shancai?

Lei was surprised when Si had finally admitted that he had a crush on Shancai and told the boy’s of F4 over a game at their hangout that he wanted to confess to her. Lei played with the games in his arms, he was as quiet as always but his heart and mind weren’t.

Did Shancai get pregnant?

Si’s son stood with them at the altar, and held Lei’s hand through their vows. The following year, Shancai gave birth to their child, a daughter.

Does Hua Ze Lei have autism?

Hua Ze Lei had a mild autism as a child. His condition improved when he met Teng Jang Jing, whom he fell in love with. Years later, Jing left Shanghai to study in Paris, leaving Lei heartbroken.

Are F4 still friends?

The group has been inactive since 2008, but the foursome have remained good friends, unlike a certain other boyband. But they’ve been so busy with their own lives and careers that reunions have been few and far between. The last time F4 was on stage together was at the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival in 2013.

Does lei like Jing?

In France, Lei and Jing date for awhile. However, Jing became busy with school and her job, making her unable to spend time with Lei. He eventually returned to Taiwan, despite still loving Jing.

Does Shancai get pregnant?

What does F4 mean in Meteor Garden?

Flower Four
Ken Chu. Vic Chou. F4 (Flower Four) or JVKV was a Taiwanese boy band consisting of Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. The group F4 was formed in 2001 after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was widely successful.

Who does Shancai date?

Episode 10 (Meteor Garden) Shan Cai encourages Si to date He Yuan Zi. At Si’s birthday party, she accidentally caused a scene in front of Si’s mother, Dao Ming Feng.