Who did the sound of music live?

The television special starred country singer and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood as Maria von Trapp, and was performed and televised live from Grumman Studios in Bethpage, New York. Spearheaded by NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt, the network positioned the special as being a live television “event”.

Who played Maria in the remake of The Sound of Music?

Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer star as Maria and Captain von Trapp in this beloved story of the young novice who falls in love with Captain von Trapp and his seven children, set against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Austria.

Who plays Mother Superior in The Sound of Music Live?

The Sound of Music (1965) – Peggy Wood as Mother Abbess – IMDb.

Who played Maria in the 2013 live version of the film?

Carrie Underwood as Maria in NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live.” NBC aired a three-hour live performance of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday and audiences absolutely loved tuning in to talk about it, even if it wasn’t all that good — as more than a few television critics declared.

Who was deaf in the story The Sound of Music?

Evelyn Glennie was a seventeen-year-old girl, she had decided to make music her life. But she was completely deaf.

Who is Max in Sound of Music?

Richard Haydn
The Sound of Music (1965) – Richard Haydn as Max Detweiler – IMDb.

Is The Sound of Music based on a true story?

The Sound of Music is, indeed, based on a true story. In fact, the movie came about after the real Maria von Trapp wrote a book about her own family, called The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, which was published in 1949.

What happened to Connie Fisher?

When diagnosed with a condition that could end her singing career, The Sound of Music’s Connie Fisher turned to anti-inflammatory drugs in a desperate attempt to hit the high notes. But she overdosed and suffered disturbing side effects and an eating disorder in the run-up to her wedding day.

How old was Peggy Wood when she died?

86 years (1892–1978)
Peggy Wood/Age at death

Peggy Wood, the stage, screen and television actress who appeared in more than 70 Broadway productions and starred in the 1950’s television series “Mama,” died of a cerebral hemorrhage yesterday at Stamford (Conn.) Hospital. She was 86 years old and lived at Courtland Gardens, a Stamford retirement home.

Where did they film the sound of music live?

The Sound of Music was filmed at various locations in and around Salzburg, including Leopoldskron Palace, Frohnburg Palace, the Mirabell Palace Gardens, the old town of Salzburg, the basilica in Mondsee, and many more.

What was likely to daunt teenager?

(b) What was likely to daunt teenager? The first day in a great and renowned institute like The Royal Academy of Music, London was likely to daunt any teenager.

Who is still alive in The Sound of Music?

The Sound of Music review – the hills are still alive with joyous energy. No one – apart from its star Christopher Plummer – is immune to the evergreen charms of the blockbuster musical about seven singing children and their nanny Julie Andrews . Thu 17 May 2018 04.00 EDT Last modified on Thu 17 May 2018 08.57 EDT.

Who are the actors in The Sound of Music?

The Sound of Music (film) The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film produced and directed by Robert Wise , and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer , with Richard Haydn and Eleanor Parker .

Who is the actor in The Sound of Music?

Julie Andrews . Main Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Richard Haydn, Peggy Wood Julie Andrews Maria Christopher Plummer The actress who played Leisel in The Sound of Music was Charmian Carr. Baroness Maria von Trapp was played by Julie Andrews in the 1965 film The Sound of Music.