Who are the main characters in Nethergrave?

In “Nethergrave”, the main character, Jeremy, choses to get sucked into the virtual world instead of staying the real world after having a quite embarrassing and lonely day.

What happened Nethergrave?

In “Nethergrave”, Jeremy decides that his world is not one he wants to be in. The world where he feels that he is not wanted. So, he decided that virtual is better than real life. He went into that world and hid away from his fears and worries of living in a world where he is not wanted.

What point of view is Nethergrave?

3rd person limited (we can only see Jeremy’s point-of-view, and the narrator is not part of the story–the narrator uses “he,” “she,” “they,” etc.)

What type of conflict is in Nethergrave?

Answer Expert Verified Character: Jeremy v. his online friends , as an effort to find repacement for real life friends, but he knew deep inside his online friends are not genuine.

What is the theme of the story Nethergrave?

Finding the theme to a story begins with asking, “What is this story really about?” One answer from the story “Nethergrave” has to do with reality. The next question to ask is, “What is this text trying to tell us about reality?” One answer to that question is that it is easier to escape reality than to change it.

How are Nethergrave and A Sound of Thunder similar?

Although both narratives include many different subjects as the story progresses, both explore the idea of emotions affect the way technology is used. Due to their theme, conflict, and setting, the story “The Sound of Thunder” is a better novel than the narrative “Nethergrave”.

What is the message of Nethergrave?

What year does Nethergrave take place?

One of the differences between the short stories is that “A Sound of Thunder” is pure science fiction where things only happen in future settings 2255 AD and in the Jurassic period whereas in ‘Nethergrave’ things happen in real-world that translates into a fictional world.

What is the tone in Nethergrave?

Answer Expert Verified. The theme of Nethergrave as I see it is that you shouldn’t trust everyone. For example, Jeremy entered the virtual world without any other reason besides loneliness, and so as a result he trusted his whole being to the internet.

Who wrote Nethergrave?

Gloria Skurzynski
Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Nethergrave by Gloria Skurzynski.

What is the main idea of Nethergrave?

The novel “Nethergrave” was an entirely different concept than “The Sound of Thunder”. The theme in “Nethergrave” is to not believe everything that you are told. An example of this theme in nether grave is “He told his online friends he was a high school junior.

What is the main theme of Nethergrave?