Which Tube line is balham on?


Postal Address* Balham Underground Station, London Underground Ltd., Balham High Rd, London, SW12 9BW
Telephone 0845 330 9880
Zone(s) 3
Line(s) Northern
Facilities WiFi 6 Gates 2 Escalators Ticket Hall Help Points: 5 on platforms, 1 elsewhere 2 Payphones

Does balham have a tube station?

The Balham Tube Station is in the London Borough of Wandsworth. The Balham Tube Station is in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Is Balham Underground step free?

There are no lift services at Balham tube station, meaning that all access to the platform will be via stairs until the end of the year, and whilst TfL has encouraged those with luggage or buggies to avoid using the station, there has been no clarity on what this means for disabled users.

Did the London underground flood World War 2?

The water and gas mains, along with the sewage pipes, had been broken: water poured down, flooding the tunnels below, and gas hampered rescue efforts. The water main was burst and the flood rolled down the tunnels, right up and down the line, and the thousands of refugees were plunged into darkness, water.

Is Balham safe?

Safety & Crime Generally, Balham and the wider Wandsworth area is one of the safest parts of South London. The borough of Wandsworth has a lower than average rate for drugs and a higher than average rate for theft, particularly bicycle theft.

Which zone is Balham station?

Zone 3
(Zone 3) BALHAM UNDERGROUND STATION: From Monday 28 June until late December, there will be no down escalator service at all times, access to platforms will be via a fixed staircase.

Is Balham a nice area?

The lowdown. Today, Balham is regarded as a popular south London neighbourhood full of young families, cafés and restaurants, with a good supply of fine Victorian and Edwardian family houses against a backdrop of the open green spaces of Tooting Common.

Is Balham tube closed?

There are no reported disruptions at any .

Are there lifts at Euston underground?

Overview. There are two lifts on the left-hand (south) side of the passage towards Melton Street. These lifts serve the taxi rank and the Underground concourse. Note, however, that there are as yet no other lifts in the Underground station.

How safe is Balham?