Which Rush album sold the most?

Moving Pictures
Quick facts. The best selling album is Moving Pictures (4 million), followed by 2112 (3 million), and the first “Greatest Hits” Chronicles (2 million). The best selling video is Rush in Rio with 700,000 copies sold, followed by R30 (500,000), and Snakes & Arrows (200,000).

How many albums Rush sold?

40 million records
With more than 40 million records sold worldwide and countless sold-out tours, Rush – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart – is not only one of the most inventive and compelling groups in rock history, but remains one of the most popular.

How many albums did Rush’s Moving Pictures sell?

25 million: Number of albums Rush has sold in the U.S. If you think that’s an impressive number, keep in mind that fellow Canadians Nickelback have sold 21.5 million, thus illustrating an insanely broad range of sophistication among the American album-buying public.

How rich is Geddy Lee?

According to Classic Rock World, Geddy Lee’s net worth is $40 million. He predominantly made this money as the lead singer and frontman of the Canadian rock band Rush.

Did Rush ever have a number 1 hit?

In addition to its Mainstream Rock Songs fortunes, Rush appeared on the all-genre, multi-metric Billboard Hot 100 seven times, between 1977 (“Fly by Night”/”In the Mood”) and 1986 (“The Big Money”). The group scored one top 40 hit, when “New World Man” rose to No. 21 in October 1982.

What Rush most popular song?

Here are our top 10 favorite songs by Rush:

  • 10 – “Subdivisions” From: Signals (1982)
  • 9 – “Freewill” From: Permanent Waves (1980)
  • 8 – “Time Stand Still” From: Hold Your Fire (1987)
  • 7 – “Closer to the Heart”
  • 5 – ‘2112: Overture /The Temples of Syrinx’
  • 4 – “Fly by Night”
  • 3 – “Limelight”
  • 2 – “The Spirit of Radio”

Why is Rush hated?

Its music is grand and complex, and it draws from an incredibly wide array of influences. But to most critics, this music is not authentic, because it is too brainy, too well-played, not raw enough, not simple enough, to be considered “cool.”

What is Rush’s biggest hit?

Top 10 Rush Songs

  • ‘Time Stand Still’ From: ‘Hold Your Fire’ (1987)
  • ‘Subdivisions’ From: ‘Signals’ (1982)
  • ‘Freewill’ From: ‘Permanent Waves’ (1980)
  • ‘Closer to the Heart’ From: ‘A Farewell to Kings’ (1977)
  • ‘Red Barchetta’ From: ‘Moving Pictures’ (1981)
  • ‘2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx’
  • ‘Limelight’
  • ‘Fly by Night’

Why do rock critics hate Rush?

Who is the lead singer of Rush prime mover?

Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart is a big Twilight Zone fan. Definition: Prime Mover – a self-caused agent that is the cause of all things; “God is the first cause.”. Geddy Lee (Bass Player, Nov/Dec 1988): “We obviously have a chordal structure, and a melodic fix or picture of what the part’s going to be.

Who is Jimbo Cobb in Rush prime mover?

Rush drummer/lyricist Neil Peart is a big Twilight Zone fan. This shares the title with a famous Twilight episode # 57, March 24, 1961. Buddy Ebsen plays Jimbo Cobb, the title character of “The Prime Mover,” which was written by Charles Beaumont but based on an unpublished story by George Clayton Johnson.

Who was the producer of Rush’s first album?

This is the band’s first album with producer Rupert Hine, and while he would do a better job on the follow-up record Roll the Bones (although only marginally better), this was just a lousy first effort. But sadly, this is not the only thing wrong with the album.

How many gold and platinum albums does Rush have?

As a group, Rush has made 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records. According to the RIAA, Rush’s number of sales place them fourth behind The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith for the most gold or platinum albums one after another by a rock band.