Which K-pop Idol has a crush on BTS?

KARA has already marked BTS as a group that has piqued their interest, particularly Jungkook! One of it’s members admitted that her heart “fluttered” after she saw Jungkook wink at the camera.

Who is the most hated K-pop Idol in K-pop?

K-POP idols who are most hated as of 2021

  • Jennie from BLACKPINK. Jennie is one of the most popular female K-POP idols from South Korea.
  • Cha Eun-woo from ASTRO. Cha Eun-woo,, a member of ASTRO, is also well-known as an actor.
  • Kai from EXO.
  • Lisa from BLACKPINK.
  • Mamamoo Hwasa.

Which K-pop group has the best logo?

In a previous poll about the best 3rd generation K-Pop girl group logo, fans voted for their favorites and BLACKPINK received the most votes, followed closely by TWICE and Red Velvet.

Do BTS regret becoming idols?

However, the leader and rapper of BTS once opened up about a time when he actually regretted becoming an idol, shocking his fans who had always thought it was his dream. He said that it was before he debuted but assured fans that right now its different for him, he doesn’t regret it anymore.

Is BTS 3rd generation?

The third generation – EXO (@weareoneEXO), BTS (@BTS_twt), GOT7 (@GOT7Official), MAMAMOO (@RBW_MAMAMOO), Red Velvet (@RVsmtown), MonstaX (@OfficialMonstaX), SEVENTEEN (@Pledis_17), TWICE (@JYPETWICE), NCT (@NCTsmtown), BLACKPINK (@BLACKPINK) etc.

Can V rap BTS?

V still loves to rap, even sharing videos of himself rapping and li-syncing. It’s no surprise that V loves to rap, especially for BTS’ Cypher series. One time, the boy band let him have his moment, letting him rap “Cypher pt. Still, V shares his love of rapping during interviews and Bangtan Bombs.

Who are some idols that look up to BTS?

Below are some K-Pop idols who have stated in the past before that their role model is BTS member V. And given just how handsome and talented V is, it’s no wonder that even other peers and juniors in the K-Pop scene have been inspired by him.

Why are BTS the most popular K-pop artist?

As a young K-pop artist, it is truly important to find role models to inspire you with their hard work, dedication, talent, and success. BTS is breaking records and gaining more fans day by day, so it’s no wonder many young idols find them to be the perfect examples to follow.

How did BTS react to being on the same show?

Photosynthesis, man!” Everyone laughed, and quickly moved on. You met eyes, and shot him a quick grateful smile. BTS were the guests for the new episode of the show Knowing Brothers, they assumed they were the only guests. However, after they entered the set and began shooting, you entered as a surprise guest.

Which is the best K-pop girl group logo?

K-pop artists such as boy-groups and girl-groups have been using logos for their promotions, like comebacks and merchandise. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce some of unique and attractive logos from K-Idol groups. BTS ( Bangtan Sonyeondan / 방탄소년단) has a very unique logo with a meaningful design.