Which Caste is Dalal?

The Jats have a tribe called Dalal.

What is the caste of Kar?

Kar is the surname of mostly the Brahmins of Kashmir, Maharashtra, Bengal and Odisha. Kar Brahmins hail from Karhama village in Kashmir, India. In Bengal, the Kar surname is also used by people of the Kayastha or Kshatriya clan.

Is Kale a Brahmin?

Kale (pronounced Kah-lay) is also a very common last name in Maharashtra, a state in India. Originally, it was exclusive to families of the Maratha and Brahmin caste….Kale (name)

Word/name Gaelic, Marathi language
Meaning Affectionate, calm, fair, ocean, pure, sea, slender, tide; black (in Marathi)
Other names

What is the caste of Arya surname?

Indian (northern states): Hindu name found in several communities, from Sanskrit arya ‘honorable man’ or ‘man of the Aryan race’. In the Panjab it is a Jat name based on the name of a Jat clan.

Which surname comes under Brahmin?

Mishra, Pandey, Bharadwaj, Deshmukh, Deshpande, Kulkarni, Desai, Patil, Jothi, Kaul, Trivedi, Chaturvedi, Agnihotri, Mukherjee, Chatterjee, Acharya, Goswami, Desai, Bhat, Rao, Hegde, Sharma, Shastri, Tiwari, Shukla, Namboothiri, Iyer, Iyengar and what not. Brahmins use their caste names as surnames with much pride.

Is Tendulkar surname Brahmin?

Tendulkar was born into a Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family, in Mumbai. His mother Rajni worked in the insurance industry, and his father Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi novelist, named Tendulkar after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman.

Is Gowda a Brahmin?

Gowda Saraswat Brahmin is an other community which also use Gowda surname, which are found to be rare. They are Brahmins. Kodagu Gowdas are the major ethnic group in the Kodagu and Sullia of Dakshina Kannada. Kumbara Gowda is an other important caste group of Karnataka.

WHich surname comes under Brahmin?

Which is the richest caste in India?

Top 10 Richest Caste in India

  • Sikh.
  • Kayasth.
  • Brahmin.
  • Banias.
  • Punjabi Khatri.
  • Sindhi.
  • Rajput. The Rajput group is typical of India’s ancient warrior or Kshatriya category.
  • Christians. Christianity is the country’s wealthiest faith.