Where to eat at Blue Bay in Curacao?

Blue Bay Beach Restaurant For lunch and dinner. Right on the beach, with love and Mediterranean touch. Blend Beach Bar Beach bites, smoothies & cocktails. Served right at your beach bed.

Are there free beach beds in Curacao?

Climb down the stairs and soak up the view as it’s pretty idyllic from the viewing point in here. Beach beds are for free at Kalki, but come early in the morning or late in the afternoon to secure a seat. The beach is quite and cozy and there are loads of funky fishes swimming out there close to the beach.

Is there parking on the beach in Curacao?

Parking is free and palm trees provide shade to those in need of it (but remember never to lay down directly beneath the coconuts..). This might also be a splendid opportunity to try out some typical Dutch fried food, as there’s a little shack selling all the Dutch goodies.

Which is the best beach in Curacao to swim in?

The upsides of Playa Porto Mari is that the beach is quite long, that is has ample parking space, a neat restaurant, quite comfortable beach beds and a big floating device in the middle of the sea where you can relax at in between swimming. I even saw a free little library near the entrance – bonus points!

Which is the best beach resort in Curacao?

Bluebay Golf and Beach Resort in Curacao Caribbean is a resort for holiday the perfect ocean encounter close to the beach and bayside hotel. beach resort in curacao the Caribbean. diving is great to scuba dive and to see the cristal clear water and the tropical fish.

Where are the villas at Blue Bay Resort?

The Blue Bay Beach Villas and Apartments are located within the exclusive Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort. The Villas are only steps away from the beach and all have access to the community pools! The Villas and apartments have an amazing view of the ocean, the tropical garden, the flamingo lake, and the golf course!

Is the golf course at Blue Bay safe?

YOUR PARTY OR EVENT DELICIOUSLY ARRANGED! Your real estate at Blue Bay is more than a smart investment; it’s a joyful living experience. Spectacular views of the sea and the sloping golf course. Luxurious modern architecture. A safe and comfortable environment.