Where is the whale oil in Dishonored?

Whale oil is easily recognized by the bright blue glow it emits, which can be best seen in the whale processing and oil refining areas of the Greaves Refinery in the Flooded District and in Slaughterhouse Row, where leaked whale oil illuminates the halls and surrounding streets.

How do I get to upstairs Boyle party?

To get upstairs, sneak through the servant stairs, steal the Whale Oil Closet key from the guard near the forcefield (Wall of Light) to de-power it, and move up the public stairs or use level two of bend time to move through the wall of light.

Where is the skeleton key in Dishonored?

The Dunwall Tower Skeleton Key is found in the closet of Lydia Boyle’s bedroom on the second floor of the Boyle Estate. It opens most of the doors inside Dunwall Tower.

Where is Waverly’s bedroom key?

Waverly’s Bedroom Key is can be pickpocketed from one of the guards in the hallway on the second floor of the Boyle Estate. A second copy is found on the dresser inside Waverly Boyle’s bedroom beside the Boyle Jewel Box.

How do I get the abandoned apartment key?

The Abandoned Apartment Key is found during the fifth visit to The Hound Pits Pub. It is under Cecelia’s bed on the second floor. It opens the door to the abandoned apartment across the street from the pub.

How do you get oil out of a whale?

Whale oil is oil that has been extracted from a whales lubber through the process of boiling strips or slabs of the whales blubber and extracting the oil that comes out of it.

Does whale oil still exist?

Whale oil has been banned in the United States since 1972. Whaling in North America continued into the 20th century, and although most whales were killed for their bones, whale oil still had its uses.

Should I give the note to Lord Shaw?

Giving the note to Montgomery Shaw will trigger the final task in the “Pendleton’s Note” side objective. If Corvo fails to deliver the letter, Pendleton will disclose some of what it contained, revealing that he likened the face of Lord Shaw’s wife to that of a plague rat.

Where is the waiting room key?

Jindosh Mansion
The Waiting Room Key is the key to the Waiting Room inside Jindosh Mansion. There are two copies. One is found on the sofa next to the door, by a sleeping guard (depending on Chaos level) and the second is found in the hallway outside.

Where is the Hound Pits key?

The key to the Hound Pits outside the pub. It cannot be normally obtained during the game, though a glitch detailed in the trivia section below will grant it. The key to the workshop at the Hound Pits Pub. It can be found on the table upstairs inside the workshop.

How do you get the whale oil closet key?

The Whale Oil Closet Key is can be pickpocketed from one of the guards at the Boyle Estate. The guard is located in the foyer of the estate.