Where is the Titanic Hotel in Turkey?

Surrounded by verdant gardens, overlooking the crystalline waters of Mediterranean sea, the magnificent, all-inclusive Titanic Beach Lara resort in Antalya is situated amid the sandy beaches of Lara, in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

How many Titanic hotels are there?

Parallel to the development of corporate branding, the group renovated and renamed the existing properties under Titanic Hotels brand in 2009. With the opening of Titanic Deluxe Belek in 2013, Titanic Hotels has reached a total number of nine hotels both in Turkey and Germany.

How far is Titanic Beach hotel from Airport?

8.1 miles
Titanic Beach Resort Hotel is less than 8.1 miles away from Antalya Airport.

Where is Lara Beach Antalya area?

Lara Beach is located east of Antalya’s Old Town, Kaleiçi, and about 20 kilometers from the Antalya Airport. It can be easily reached with public transport. By Bus: From the city center of Antalya it takes about 30 to 40 minutes by bus (KL07, KL08, and KL09) to get to the beach.

Who owns Titanic Beach Lara?

AYG Companies’ Group
“TITANIC” brand is a Hotel branch of ‘AYG Companies’ Group which was founded by AYGÜN Family members. The ground of “TITANIC” Brand is laid with the “ship-themed” 5-star Titanic Beach Lara which was opened as the third hotel of the group in Lara, Antalya, Turkey in May 2003.

Who owns Titanic Turkey?

AYG Group
Titanic Hotels is the hotel chain brand of AYG Group, which was founded with a restaurant in Berlin in 1970 and has been in the tourism sector since 1993. Titanic Hotels has become one of the leading brands of tourism in Turkey in a short time with the approach combining Turkish hospitality and superior quality.

Is there a Titanic Hotel?

The self-dubbed “world’s most authentic Titanic hotel” (yes, there are others, including a sister property in Liverpool) brings the past into the present in 119 luxury rooms by pairing an elegant, Art Deco nautical scheme with modern amenities like flatscreen TVs that could have easily distracted Jack Dawson and Rose …

Who owns Titanic hotels?

Titanic Hotels is the hotel chain brand of AYG Group, which was founded with a restaurant in Berlin in 1970 and has been in the tourism sector since 1993.

Is Lara Beach Lively?

For most that holiday in Lara Beach seeking a lively night out, they opt for Antalya. With a similar journey of 30 minutes in the opposite direction, this lively city on the south coast parties till the sun comes up with a vibrant mixture of hotspots. Lara Beach nightlife is literally what you make of it.

Can you drive to Lara Beach Cyprus?

Lara Beach is located on the Akamas Peninsula and can be only accessed by four-wheel drive, minibus tour, or by boat from Paphos.

Where in Turkey is Lara Beach?

Lara Beach is a district of Antalya and it borders the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya, in southwestern Turkey, is the main tourist hub on the Turkish Riviera. Lara Beach is one of the city’s most vibrant beach resorts.

Is there a life size replica of the Titanic?

A massive replica of the sunken ocean liner is now under construction in Daying County in Sichuan province. Called the “Unsinkable Titanic,” the ship is the exact same size as the original — 269.06 meters (882 feet) in length and 28.19 meters (92 feet) wide.