Where is the Mercedes Museum located?

Stuttgart Germany
Mercedes-Benz Museum

The museum building.
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Established 2006/05/19
Location Mercedesstr. 100 70372 Stuttgart Germany
Type Automobile museum

Where is Mercedes-Benz located in Germany?

Stuttgart, Germany
Mercedes-Benz was founded in Stuttgart, Germany and still is headquartered in this city. At this plant, which was founded in 1904, has around 19,000 employees in present day. The production plant in Stuttgart makes Mercedes-Benz parts and conducts research and development.

How do you get to the Mercedes museum?

Take the ‘Zuffenhausen’ exit; from here onto the B10 in the direction of ‘Stuttgart-Zentrum’, then follow the NeckarPark traffic guidance system towards Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt / Esslingen then towards Mercedes-Benz Arena / Mercedes-Benz Museum.

How many different vehicles can be seen in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart?

160 vehicles
The exhibition concept of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is as unrivalled as the tradition of the company: on nine levels covering 16,500 square metres, 160 vehicles, more than 1500 exhibits in all, presented on two connected tour routes, can be viewed.

Where are Mercedes factories?

Mercedes-Benz Production Factory Locations

  • Bremen, Germany.
  • East London, South Africa.
  • Hambach, France.
  • Iracemapolis, Brazil.
  • Kecskemet, Hungary.
  • Rasatatt, Germany.
  • Sindelfingen, Germany.
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA.

Are Mercedes still made in Germany?

Mercedes-Benz still has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and the main production facilities are there as well. However, as the luxury brand has grown, Mercedes-Benz has spread internationally, with production facilities in roughly 22 countries.

Who designed the Mercedes-Benz Museum?

Ben van Berkel
Mercedes-Benz Museum/Architects

Are Mercedes considered luxury in Germany?

Thus meaning that even though Mercedes Benz vehicles are used as Taxis so often, they are still considered luxury cars in the eyes of the average German.