Where is the cactuar in Bikanel?

Robeya is in a treasure chest off to the southwest section of Sanubia Desert Central; it should be near a fence. Open it to and he’ll be inside.

How do you get into the cactuar village?

Start off by traveling to Sanubia Desert – West which is the area furthest away from the Oasis. Walk over to the stone glyph in front of the cliff to begin the “Village of the Cactuars” side quest. You must approach each of the Cactuars and complete a mini-game once you find them.

Where can I encounter cactuar FFX?

Bikanel Island
Cactuar is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found within Bikanel Island, in a village known as the “Cactuar Nation”. The village is protected by a sandstorm until the player finishes a red-light, green-light minigame with the ten Cactuar Gatekeepers.

How do you sneak up on cactuar?

Each cactuar you find, you will have to play a game of Red Light, Green Light to catch. Simply run toward them, and when the screen flashes Needletime! in Al Bhed, stop moving. When you successfully sneak up on them, you’ll be forced into combat.

Can you capture Cactuar?

You can capture Cactuar by using the infinite item “capture net” then aiming for the creature with the control’s trigger and pressing Square on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.

How much HP does dark ifrit have?

boss battle – Dark Ifrit

HP 1,400,000 MP 999 AP 20,000
STEAL Mega Phoenix BRIBE N/A DROP Master Sphere

How do you beat cactuar in Thunder Plains?

Strategy. The easiest way to defeat Qactuars is to use any physical-based Overdrive, any offensive items (Electro Marbles deal 600 damage, enough to kill a Qactuar in one hit), or a special attack from an aeon.

How much damage does Cactuar do?

Defeating it yields the Cactuar magicite. When summoned for 50 MP, Cactuar randomly uses “1000 Needles” on all enemies, or an attack called “10,000 Needles?” that does 9,999 damage.

What is behemoth weak to MHW?

Behemoth is weakest to Dragon element, and is moderately weak to Ice and Water. Also be sure to check out our Drachen Armor Section to see the awesome armor you can create once you defeat him.

What kind of desert is Bikanel in Final Fantasy?

At the Cactuar Nation, The Al Bhed interpreter Benzo reveals that a cactus sprout had appeared in the place of Marnela, ready to grow as a new Marnela. Spoilers end here. Bikanel Desert, also known as Sanubia Sands, is a large expansive desert that makes up the majority of Bikanel Island.

Where is the Cactuar village in Final Fantasy X?

This side quest involves tracking down some Cactuars in the Sanubia Desert in order to obtain the Mercury Sigil for Rikku’s Celestial Weapon, the Godhand. The Cactuar Village side quest is much easier if you have armor with the No Encounters ability.

Where are the cactuars in the Bikanel desert?

Confusingly, the Cactuars in Bikanel Desert seem to be a totally different tribe from the ghostly Qactuars defeated by High Summoner Gandof on the Thunder Plains. Next up on my Final Fantasy X secrets series, here’s my detailed map of Bikanel Island showing locations of all the Cactuars in the FFX Cactuar sidequest.

How to do cactaur catching on Bikanel Island?

SIDEQUEST: Cactaur Catching on Bikanel Island REWARD: Mercury Sigil NEW AREAS OPENED: Cactaur Valley on Bikanel Island WHEN: Once airship is available ITEMS, ETC. NEEDED: None 🙂 OTHER: It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you equip one character (does not need to be in your active group) with a No Encounters weapon before beginning this Sidequest.