Where is the Black Thunder coal mine?

state of Wyoming
The Black Thunder Coal Mine is a surface coal mine in the U.S. state of Wyoming, located in the Powder River Basin which contains one of the largest deposits of coal in the world. Black Thunder is the second most productive mine in the United States, providing the US with 8% of its coal supply.

Who owns Leer mine?

Arch Resources, Inc.

Company Interest Ownership
Arch Resources, Inc. 100 % Indirect

What is the largest coal mine in Wyoming?

North Antelope Rochelle Mine
The North Antelope Rochelle Mine is the largest coal mine in the world. Located in Campbell County, Wyoming, about 65 miles south of Gillette, it produced 85.3 million tons of coal in 2019. Peabody Energy opened the North Antelope Mine in the heart of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin in 1983.

Where is the largest coal mine in the United States?

The two largest coal mines in the United States are the North Antelope Rochelle and Black Thunder mines in Wyoming. Together, the two mines produced 22% of total U.S. coal production in 2019.

Who produces the most coal?

Leading hard coal producing countries worldwide in 2018 (in million metric tons)

Characteristic Production in million metric tons
China 3,530
India 730.3
United States 634.2
Indonesia 497.8

Is Arch coal a union?

Arch Resources is a leading U.S. producer of metallurgical products for the global steel industry, and the leading supplier of premium High-Vol A metallurgical coal globally….Physical Address.

Mine Type Underground / longwall
2019 Sales 4.1 million tons
Transportation Union Pacific rail system

Who owns Arch resources?

Arch Resources is the second-largest supplier of coal in the United States, behind Peabody Energy. As of 2011 the company supplied 15% of the domestic market….Arch Resources.

Type Public
Key people John W. Eaves, Executive Chairman Paul A. Lang, President/CEO John T. Drexler Sr.VP/COO
Products Coal
Revenue US$ 2.32 billion (2017)

What state has the most coal miners?

Coal production by region

2014 to 2018 US Coal Production (million short tons)
Rank State 2014
1 Wyoming 395.7
2 West Virginia 112.2
3 Pennsylvania 60.9

Who has the most coal in the world?

United States
Coal Reserves by Country

# Country World Share
1 United States 22.3%
2 Russia 15.5%
3 Australia 14.0%
4 China 13.1%

What country uses coal the most?

Coal Consumption by Country

# Country Yearly Coal Consumption (MMcf)
1 China 4,319,921,826,000
2 India 966,288,692,600
3 United States 731,071,000,000
4 Germany 257,488,592,900

How many years will coal last?

Based on U.S. coal production in 2019, of about 0.706 billion short tons, the recoverable coal reserves would last about 357 years, and recoverable reserves at producing mines would last about 20 years. The actual number of years that those reserves will last depends on changes in production and reserves estimates.

Where is the Black Thunder coal mine located?

Black Thunder. Mailing Address. Thunder Basin Coal Company, LLC P.O. Box 406 Wright, WY 82732 Coal Creek Mine (Thunder Basin Coal Company, LLC) 195 Hoadley Road Gillette, WY 82718 (307) 939-1300. Mine Type: including change of address and dividend reinvestment

How many coal trains per day at Black Thunder?

It produces enough coal to load up to 20-25 trains per day. Draglines are not used to dig coal, but only strip overburden. Black Thunder operates six draglines. Coal is excavated by power shovels and loaded into haul trucks.

What’s the heating value of Black Thunder coal?

Black Thunder coal has a heating value of 20.3MJ/kg, and the ash contents are around 5% while as-received moisture is 25–30%. The moisture content of some Powder River Basin coals increases their reactivity to the extent that spontaneous combustion can be a problem if they are not properly handled.

How many draglines does Black Thunder mine have?

Black Thunder operates six draglines. Coal is excavated by power shovels and loaded into haul trucks. In 2009, the America’s Power Factuality Tour stopped at the Black Thunder Coal Mine to report on its role in generating electricity in the US.