Where is tama drums located?

Tama Drums

Type Private
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1974
Headquarters Seto, Aichi , Japan
Products Drum kits Hardware Tenor drums Snare drums

Are tama drums the best?

Tama drums is another fantastic drum company and easily one of the best drum brands out there who create everything a drummer could ever need. Whereas some brands stick to making shells or kits, Tama Drums make everything from full kits to hardware, sticks, snares and everything in between.

What are the levels of Tama drums?


  • STAR.
  • Starclassic.
  • S.L.P. Drum Kits.
  • Superstar Hyper-Drive.
  • Superstar Classic.
  • Imperialstar.
  • Cocktail-JAM.
  • Club-JAM.

How do you identify tama drums?

Only Tama Starclassic Maple Drums have serial numbers that indicate the age of the drums. With the Starclassic Serial number system, you apply the “subtract 10 system” to the first two digits of the number to get what year they were made in.

What is the best brand of drums?

Pearl Drums Pearl is the best selling drum manufacturer of all time – and for good reason! They sell more drums then anyone else all around the world because they produce fantastic quality drums and at great prices. Pearl is headquartered in Japan, and the company was established in 1946.

What is the best drums in the world?

10 Best Drum Sets in 2021

  • 1 Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc Drum Set.
  • 2 Sonor SQ2 Heavy Maple 5pc Drum Set.
  • 3 Tama Star Walnut 4pc Drum Set – Best for Top Notch Quality.
  • 4 DW Collectors Cherry/Mahogany 4pc Drum Set – Best Organic Drum Sound.
  • 5 Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Set – Best for Those on a Budget.

Where are serial numbers on drums?

The model number of the drum is on the LEFT (IE: TT-912Y). The serial number will always be to the RIGHT of the model number.