Where is Dragunov from?

Dragunov hails from Russia and uses the fighting style of Combat Sambo.

How far can a Dragunov shoot?

Used by the former Warsaw Pact armies, this thumbhole/pistol-grip-style stocked weapon weighs 9.64 pounds with telescope and 10-round magazine. This weapon is 48.2 inches long with a 21.5-inch barrel, a muzzle velocity of 2,722 fps, and a maximum effective range of 600 to 800 meters.

What does Dragunov mean in Russian?

Dragunovnoun. a sniper rifle with a telescopic sight.

How tall is Dragunov?

Ilja Dragunov
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 198 lb (90 kg)
Trained by Axel Tischer Rick Baxxter
Debut April 21, 2012

Is the Dragunov a good sniper rifle?

In 1963, the semi-automatic SVD Dragunov sniper rifle entered service and was put to immediate use against U.S. troops in Vietnam. Though the Dragunov is a capable battlefield weapon, its accuracy potential and crude optics limit its effective range to around 800 meters.

What kind of sniper rifle is the Dragunov?

“Dragunov Sniper Rifle”), also known as the Dragunov or SVD Dragunov, is a sniper rifle produced in Russia by Izhevsk Mechanical Works. It is chambered in 7.62×54mmR.

What kind of moves does Dragunov use in Tekken?

Good Dragunov players will use his counters to their advantage, specifically for pressurizing opponent’s attacks and controlling the battle. His assortment of grappling attacks are able to keep the opponent guessing which of his moves are going to hit.

How did Bryan Fury kill Sergei Dragunov in Tekken?

Bryan Fury – In the 2010 film, Bryan killed Dragunov by slitting his throat with a chain (non-canon).

Who is the Russian character in Tekken 5?

Sergei Dragunov (Japanese: セルゲイ・ドラグノフ Serugei Doragunofu; Russian: Сергей Драгунов Sergey Dragunov) is a character in the Tekken series. He was first introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection as one of the two new characters, the other one being Lili, and has returned in every subsequent game.