Where is Bosnianbill from?

“Master Lock, not so much,” said Johnson, 56, who hails from Fairfax County, Virginia.

What is the most secure Master Lock?

Master Lock 1177D ProSeries Resettable Combination Lock

  • This model is considered one of the strongest Master Lock padlocks courtesy of the brass body and boron-carbide shackles.
  • The lock also features a combination lock design with up to 10,000 possible combinations for you to choose from and work with.

What is Lockpickinglawyer real name?

M. Schuyler Towne
Schuyler Towne

M. Schuyler Towne
Born December 16, 1983 Burlington, Vermont
Nationality American
Other names Mohandas
Occupation Starbucks Manager

How do you open a master lock without the code?

Pull up gently on the shackle and hold it in place. Turn the dial clockwise listening carefully until you hear the lock click. Start with a good deal of pressure and gently let up as you spin it around, until you meet resistance in only one place. If the dial catches every few numbers, you are pulling too hard.

Who is the best lock picker in the world?

Arthur Bühl, the Dutch Open lock-picking champion.

Are Master locks easy to pick?

Most Master Locks are very easy to pick and are considered one of the easiest beginner locks when practicing lock picking. They have 4 standard pins and a wide-open keyway that can be quickly bypassed in many ways including picking them with improvised tools such as paperclips, bobby pins, or even a chicken bone.

Is it legal to pick a lock?

It is, however, illegal in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia to be in possession of a lock pick without a locksmith licence, according to the Locksmiths Guild of Australia.

How do you open a 4 digit Master lock?

How to Open a Four Number Combination Lock

  1. Find your combination.
  2. Go to the first number.
  3. Set the second dial on the lock to the second number in the combination.
  4. Use the third wheel to find the third number in the combination.
  5. Locate the fourth number in the combination on the bottom wheel on the lock and center it.

Why is master threatening to sue YouTube’s bosnianbill?

The wording is very unclear (a good sign the lawyer is bullshitting for their client) but it actually looks like they’re hinting a breach of confidentiality suit – this requires the defendant to have been party to some confidential information, and to have a an obligation of some sort not to disclose it.

Who are the lawyers for Master Lock Company?

Dear Mr. King, This law firm is counsel to Master Lock Company. Our client has recently been alerted to the dissemination through a Bulletin Board Computer Service located at your address of information potentially damaging to its commercial interests and business relationships.

What should I do if Masterlock sues me?

So the first step would be getting the lawsuit in a forum beneficial to him so that SLAPP laws can apply. He might be better off suing them first in a state with the most beneficial SLAPP laws. Then any subsequent suits from Masterlock could be moved to that jurisdiction. I’m not a lawyer but I do play one on reddit.