Where can I run in Townsville?

Best trail running in the Townsville area

  • Under The Radar.
  • Alligator Creek Falls.
  • Paluma Trails.
  • Castle Hill.
  • Magnetic Island.
  • Douglas Mountain Bike Reserve.
  • Mount Halifax and Godwin’s Peak Loop.
  • The PRB (Paluma Rollingstone Bluewater) Track.

How long does it take to walk up Castle Hill Townsville?

30 minute walk each way, which is quite steep on the way up. Multitude of tracks can take which all have steps. Road is longer.

Where can I hike in Townsville?

8 natural wonders you should experience in Townsville

  • Wallaman Falls. Photo by @alex.pennino.
  • Paluma Range National Park. Photo by @lottymack.
  • Magnetic Island.
  • Tyto Wetlands. Photo by @australianitalianfestivalqld.
  • Castle Hill.
  • Hinchinbrook Island.
  • Charter Towers.
  • Orpheus Island.

How long is the Goat Track Castle Hill?

2.4 mi
Castle Hill Goat Track

Length 2.4 mi
Elev. Gain 803.6 ft
Est. Steps 5500

Can you walk up Castle Hill Townsville?

Castle Hill is the most popular walking trail within Townsville City – boasting a number of walking trails it is a great way to get fit and be active. From the circular road (3.3km one way) to the more intensive Cudtheringa or Goat tracks Castle Hill is a great place to work out for any fitness level.

How high is Castle Hill Townsville?

286 metres
Castle Hill is a heritage-listed isolated pink granite monolith in the suburb of Castle Hill, City of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Its Indigenous name is Cootharinga, sometimes written as Cooderinga. It rises to a height of some 286 metres (938 ft) above sea level and dominates the city skyline.

Why is it called Castle Hill Townsville?

Castle Hill was one of the earliest sites named by Andrew Ball who, together with MW Reid, were the first Europeans to explore the Ross River area in April 1864. The settlement established here was known initially as Castletown, until the name was replaced by Townsville in 1865.

Is Townsville on lockdown?

Visitors to Townsville, Magnetic Island and Palm Island can return to their home but must follow the same lockdown rules when you return home, regardless of where your destination is. Visitors live outside South East Queensland, Townsville or Palm Island, you can transit through those areas without stopping.

What rock is Castle Hill Townsville?

pink granite monolith
Just metres short of a mountain, Castle Hill is the giant pink granite monolith that stands proud in the centre of Townsville – a perfect place for visitors to orientate themselves.

Can you drive to the top of Castle Hill Townsville?

Castle Hill has great walking tracks, or if you are just starting with your fitness plan, you can walk up on the road. You can drive up and take photos of the view, however, you will miss out on the fantastic photo opportunities that you get while walking up the road. There is a drink station for you and your dog.

Can I leave Brisbane during lockdown?

Yes, if you are in or have been in South East Queensland since 1am AEST 29 June 2021, and it is less than 14 days since you left the impacted area, you must carry a face mask with you at all times and wear it when you leave home in most indoor and outdoor spaces.

Do you have to wear mask in Townsville?

If you work in the building and construction industry, masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times, unless: it is unsafe to do so. you are eating or drinking. you are alone in your car (or with only members of your household)