Where can I park my car in Edinburgh city Centre?

Car park locations

  • Blackfriars Street – EH1 1TH (provided by Raddison Blu)
  • Castle Terrace – EH1 2EN (provided by NCP)
  • Fountain Park – EH11 1AF (provided by Land Securities)
  • Omni Centre – EH1 3AN (provided by Q-Park)
  • Quartermile – EH3 9AU (provided by Q-Park)
  • Holyrood Road – EH8 9UL (provided by NCP)

Where can I park for free in Edinburgh city Centre?

Five places you can park for free in Edinburgh city centre

  • St Margaret’s Loch. St Margaret’s Loch in Edinburgh with the car park in the background (Image: Jim Barton / Creative Commons)
  • Tesco Canonmills.
  • Meadowbank Shopping Centre.
  • Waitrose Comely Bank.
  • Pilrig Street and surrounds.

How much is parking in Edinburgh city Centre?

Cost and times of pay and display parking

Streets Prices from April 2021 Hours of Operation
Bruntsfield, Sciennes, St Leonard’s, Dumbiedykes, Stockbridge & Dean £2.90 per hour Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
Extended Controlled Parking Zones (N1-N5 & S1-S4) £2.50 per hour Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

Can you park overnight in Edinburgh?

Overnight parking is available at many secure locations across Edinburgh, with most car parks operating 24 hours a day – but this can prove to be quite expensive, with fares starting at around £20 for 24 hours.

Is there any free parking in Edinburgh?

The good news is that, beyond the Centre, parking is largely free in Edinburgh. The bad news is that because it’s free, it can be a bit tricky to find a parking space sometimes. Once you’re about a third of the way down Leith Walk, restrictions don’t apply.

Can you park on single yellow in Edinburgh?

The authority say all parking places, loading places and single yellow lines in the city centre will be subject to parking controls every Sunday from 12.30pm to 6.30pm.

Is Sunday free parking in Edinburgh?

Parking in Edinburgh is free on Sundays before 12:30 and on the following holidays: Christmas Day. Boxing Day. New Year’s Day.

Is it easy to park in Edinburgh city Centre?

Parking in the centre of Edinburgh can be difficult, as the streets of this medieval city were designed to accommodate fewer visitors than to new destinations. For tourists and commuters, it is difficult to find parking in Edinburgh, especially when the cost of parking on the street in the city exceeds £4 per hour.

How long can you park on George Street Edinburgh?

Maximum Stay: 3 Hours.

Can you park on a single yellow on Saturday?

You can’t park on single yellow lines during the hours of control. For single yellow lines in Westminster controlled hours are generally 8:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday. Specific times vary by location. Outside of these times you can park unless there are kerb markings.

Can you park on a single yellow on a Sunday in Edinburgh?

Do parking wardens work on Sunday in Edinburgh?

From Sunday afternoon, parking controls will be in place in the city centre (zones 1-4). These apply every Sunday from 12.30pm to 6.30pm. Parking rules in Edinburgh change this weekend.