Where can I find Data Guard broker log?

In order to investigate any issues around Data Guard broker, it has its own log files we can find them in same diag destination where the alert log is located with the file name drc$ORACLE_SID.

What is the use of Data Guard broker?

Oracle Data Guard Broker is a centralized framework that automates the configuration, management, and monitoring of an Oracle Data Guard configuration. Oracle Data Guard Broker further enhances Oracle RAC by providing apply instance failover for Oracle RAC standby databases.

Which is a property of the Data Guard control?

Properties have either configuration-wide scope, database-wide scope, far sync instance-wide scope, or instance-specific scope. Configuration-wide properties control the behavior of the broker on all members of the configuration. The values of such properties apply uniformly across all members of the configuration.

How do I start and stop a Data Guard broker?

Use the parameter dg_broker_start to start and stop the Data Guard broker process. To start the broker, set this parameter to TRUE in the initialization parameter file and restart the database.

How do I connect to Dgmgrl?

ADD – Adds a standby database to the broker configuration.

  2. DGMGRL> CONNECT username/password[@connect_identifier]

How do I enable Dgmgrl?

Oracle 11gR2 – Data Guard Broker

  1. Configure LISTENER. ORA.
  2. Configure TNSNAMES. ORA.
  3. Enable Data Guard Broker.
  4. Start DGMGRL.
  5. Create Data Guard Broker Configuration.
  6. Add standby database(s)
  7. Enable the configuration.
  8. Switchover to standby.

How do I setup a Data Guard broker?

What is Data Guard broker and how it is useful?

Data Guard Broker can manage the primary database and up to nine standby databases in one configuration. These nine standby databases can be a mixture of physical and logical standby databases. You can create a standby database using Data Guard broker, or add an existing standby database to a configuration.

How do I fix my ORA 16857?

ORA-16857: member disconnected from redo source for longer than specified threshold

  1. Increase the value in DG broker service. EDIT DATABASE testfo SET PROPERTY TransportDisconnectedThreshold=’120′;
  2. On Oracle Error. C:\Oracle>oerr ora 16857.
  3. Solution for fixed the problem.
  4. Example.

How do I stop being a Data Guard broker?

How to Stop Data Guard Services

  1. Is Broker Enabled? First of all, you need to know whether the data guard broker is configured, started and controls over the data guard.
  2. DGMGRL Stop Transport.
  3. DGMGRL Stop Apply.
  4. Disable DG Configuration.
  5. On the primary database.
  6. On the standby database.

How do I restart my Data Guard broker?

Restart the Oracle Data Guard broker DMON process, as follows: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET DG_BROKER_START=TRUE; Enable the broker configuration using the DGMGRL ENABLE command or the Enable operation in the Oracle Data Guard management pages of Cloud Control.

How do I check my Dgmgrl configuration?


  3. START – Starts the fast-start failover(FSFO) observer.
  4. DGMGRL> START OBSERVER [FILE=observer_configuration_file];
  6. DGMGRL> SWITCHOVER TO standby_database_name;

What does the Data Guard broker do in Oracle?

The Data Guard broker provides information about its activities in several forms: Database status information (see Section 4.7) Oracle alert log files. The broker records key information in the alert log file for each database. Data Guard “broker log” files.

Do you need to set log _ archive _ * in Data Guard broker?

When using the Data Guard Broker, you don’t need to set any LOG_ARCHIVE_* parameter for the databases that are part of your Data Guard configuration. The broker is doing that for you.

How to configure 19C Data Guard broker?

Configure Data Guard Broker 1 Create a Broker Configuration. There’re scenarios using the DGMGRL command-line interface including creating a broker… 2 Configuration Status. 3 Primary Database Status. 4 Standby Database Status. By configuring data guard broker, a 19c data guard environment has been built as we saw. The… More

Where can I find Data Guard alert log files?

You can check the alert log files for such information when troubleshooting Data Guard. Data Guard “broker log” files. For each database in a broker configuration, the broker DMON process records important behavior and status information in a “broker log” file, useful in diagnosing Data Guard failures.