Where are The Price Sisters from?

Sardis, Ohio
Virginia-based Rebel Record’s most recent recording artists, ‘The Price Sisters,’ feature Lauren Price, mandolin, harmony/lead vocals, and Leanna Price, fiddle, lead/ harmony vocals. Lauren and Leanna are twenty-two year old twin sisters from Sardis, Ohio, who love and perform the traditional style of bluegrass music.

Are The Price Sisters twins?

While Lauren and Leanna front the band and are recognized for their twin-sister harmony singing, each band member is an accomplished musician in his or her own right, having earned regards from those in the business whom they admire.

Are The Price Sisters married?

Lauren Price, the mandolin playing half of The Price Sisters, was married to Scott Napier, mandolinist with Lost and Found. They wed on September 2 at the Mansion at Griffin Gate Marriott in Lexington, KY. “We had a wonderful evening getting to celebrate with everyone, and are proud to be married.”

Is dolours price still alive?

Deceased (1951–2013)
Dolours Price/Living or Deceased

Is Marian Price still in jail?

On 7 June 2012, a protest close to Times Square in Manhattan, New York called for Price to be released from what her family describes as internment. On 30 May 2013, Price was released from prison after a decision by the Parole Commissioners.

How old is Scott Napier?

Charles Scott Napier
Born 3 February 1899 India
Died 16 June 1946 (aged 47) London
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch British Army

Who is Stephen Rea married to?

Dolours Pricem. 1983–2003
Stephen Rea/Spouse

What age is Stephan Rea?

74 years (October 31, 1946)
Stephen Rea/Age

Who was Ray’s wife?

Dolours Price

Stephen Rea
Occupation Actor
Years active 1962–present
Spouse(s) Dolours Price ​ ​ ( m. 1983; div. 2003)​
Children 2

What age is Stephen Rey?

What age is Stephen Ray?

Quick Facts

Intro Irish actor
Birth 31 October 1946, Belfast, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Age 74 years
Star sign Scorpio
Family Spouse: Dolours Price

Who are Stephen Rea sons?

Oscar Rea
Danny Rea
Stephen Rea/Sons