Where are Goulds Pumps made?

Seneca Falls
The Fall Street Goulds Pumps manufacturing plant is located under a mile west of Van Cleef Lake in Seneca Falls.

Are Goulds Pumps Made in China?

Goulds’ Industrial Products group already had an established presence in China, where it manufactured industrial pumps for sale in the United States.

Who makes Goulds Pumps?

Xylem Inc.
Goulds Water Technology is a brand of Xylem Inc. providing pumps for residential, commercial and agricultural applications and Goulds Pumps remains a part of ITT Corporation providing pump products for the industrial market. Xylem comprises three business units – Water Solutions, Analytics, and Applied Water Systems.

How much is water pump in the Philippines?

Top Water Pumps Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
HAILEA HX 6510 Submersible Water Pump ₱ 552.90 Lazada
Sunsun JTP-1800 Submersible Water Pump ₱ 2,358.00 Shopee
Resun SP-6000 Submersible Water Pump ₱ 1,450.00 Shopee
INGCO SPDS7501-5 Submersible Sewage Pump ₱ 7,500.00 Lazada

Are Goulds Pumps good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent pump! Excellent replacement for my Myers 1.5HP pump, and it has a much better base, and it is a lot quieter. Packaged by Goulds; I expected the pump inlets and outlets to be capped. 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent pump!

Are Goulds Pumps Made in America?

From concept to consumer, Goulds Water Technology is engineered, assembled and tested in America.

How much does a 1 HP well pump cost?

Well Pump Replacement Cost Typically, a well pump costs between $200–$500, not including the cost of installation.

How much is a Goulds water pump?

Goulds Submersible 4″ Well Pumps – GS Stainless Steel Series

5 GPM, Stainless Steel
Model HP Price
5GS15412C 1.5 Click here for price MSRP $2,371.00 OUR PRICE $1,250.00 *Shipping Included!
5GS20412CL 2 Click here for price MSRP $2,821.00 OUR PRICE $1,680.00 *Shipping Included!

What is the warranty on a Goulds Pump?

The new warranty is a commitment from Goulds Pumps that its ANSI pumps are the best in the industry and will operate reliably for a minimum of five (5) years. Under the terms of the extended five (5) year warranty, ITT Goulds will repair or replace any failed component(s) free of charge.

When did ITT buy Goulds?

Goulds Acquired in 1997 In April 1997 ITT Industries, Inc., a global diversified manufacturing company based in White Plains, New York, announced it had reached an agreement with Goulds Pumps to acquire the company for approximately $815 million in cash plus the assumption of $119 million of Goulds’ debt.

How many gallons per minute does a 1 hp pump?

3,960 gallons/minute
One horsepower equals 3,960 gallons/minute/feet.

How long can a well pump run continuously?

If the pump has a continuous-duty motor attached, it can deliver water uninterrupted up to 20 minutes at best.