When was the floods in Towyn?

February 26, 1990
On February 26, 1990, residents had to leave their homes after 2,800 houses were evacuated when high tides and extreme weather broke down sea defences causing flooding to many low-lying coastal homes in the area.

Why did Towyn flood?

Severe flooding in parts of south Wales was the worst in living memory. But on this day 30 years ago, Towyn on the north Wales coast was devastated by the sea. The combination of strong onshore winds, low pressure and spring tides caused severe flooding and damage.

How have human activities in Towyn affected the impact of flooding on the coast?

Human Causes 467m of seawall protecting Towyn and the surrounding area was breached by a 1 in 500 year event. A lack of maintenance of the seawall meant that flooding easily occurred, along with the fact there was little natural protection (HR Wallingford, 2003 cited in Bates et al, 2005, p. 800).

Does Kinmel Bay Flood?

Flood Background Kinmel Bay has experienced flooding in the past most notably coastal flooding of Towyn and Kinmel Bay in 1990 where some 2,000 homes were evacuated. Our flood risk is mainly associated with coastal flooding and flooding from the left bank of the river Clwyd.

Is Kinmel a bay?

Kinmel Bay (Welsh: Bae Cinmel) is a seaside village in Conwy County Borough, north-east Wales….Kinmel Bay.

Kinmel Bay Welsh: Bae Cinmel
Population 7,864 (including Towyn) (2001 Census)
OS grid reference SH988803
Community Kinmel Bay and Towyn
Principal area Conwy

Is Kinmel Bay in Denbighshire or Conwy?

Kinmel Bay (Welsh: Bae Cinmel) is a seaside village in Conwy County Borough, north-east Wales. It is also an electoral ward to the county council and town council. The resort town of Rhyl lies just across the River Clwyd in the neighbouring county of Denbighshire.

What is the population of Kinmel Bay?

Kinmel Bay and Towyn

Kinmel Bay and Towyn Welsh: Bae Cinmel a Tywyn
Population 8,460 (2011)
OS grid reference SH9779
Community Kinmel Bay and Towyn
Principal area Conwy

Are dogs allowed on Kinmel Bay beach?

Dogs are not allowed on a section the beach between Dinas Avenue, Kinmel Bay and Sandbank Road Towyn from May to September. Dogs are allowed on the rest of the beach throughout the year although must be kept on a lead in the nature reserve.

Is Kinmel Bay Rough?

Colwyn Bay is a drab, miserable, run down little place, with hardly any shops left. that’s not even mentioning the high rates of crime in the area. The beach is dirty and even though a lot of work had gone into making the place better, all they’ve done is build a horrendous concrete building that looks awful.

Are beaches in Llandudno dog friendly?

Please be aware that dogs are not allowed on the beach including seashore, foreshore and any slope or staircase leading to the beach, from Llandudno Pier to Clarence Road from 1 May to the 30 September (see pdf below for map of the beach area). There is no lifeguard on the beach.

What beaches in Wales allow dogs?


  • Oxwich Bay. Oxwich Bay is a large sandy stretch with lots on offer – sea, surf, dunes, salt marsh, shops – and of course, access for dogs all year round.
  • Broughton Bay.
  • Burry Port Beach.
  • Towyn Beach.
  • Conwy Morfa.
  • Old Colwyn Beach.
  • Porth Dinllaen Beach.
  • Cilborth.

Is Colwyn Bay Safe?

Colwyn Bay is the third most dangerous small town in Clwyd, and is among the top 10 most dangerous overall out of Clwyd’s 142 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Colwyn Bay in 2020 was 139 crimes per 1,000 people.