When was the 1881 census done?

April 3rd
When the 1881 census was taken on April 3rd, the total population of England, Wales and Scotland was recorded as 29,707,207.

Is the 1881 census free to view?

About the 1881 Census The 1881 Census is free to view on Findmypast. Within the 1881 England, Wales and Scotland census, you will find transcribed images of the original 1881 census pages plus clear images of the original census enumeration books.

What dates were the census taken in UK?

United Kingdom Census 1841 – Sunday, 6 June. United Kingdom Census 1851 – Sunday, 30 March. United Kingdom Census 1861 – Sunday, 7 April. United Kingdom Census 1871 – Sunday, 2 April.

Is the 1921 Census available on ancestry?

The 1841–1911 English and Welsh censuses are now available on all of the major family history websites. If you manage to find your ancestors within them, it can bring them to life, revealing family members, where they lived, and their ages and professions.

What was the population of England in 1881?

ScotlandsPeople (Pay per view). The 1881 UK Census involved three concurrent, but separately administered, censuses; of England and Wales, of Scotland, and of Ireland. Unfortunately, the 1881 Ireland census records have not survived, leaving us with only the 1881 census records of Great Britain.

Are there any problems with the 1881 census?

Note – The most common problem with the 1881 census on cd is that users forget to install both resource sets.

How to install the 1881 British census on a CD?

Please install both the National Index by placing the disk labelled National Index to 1881 British Census A-B Disc 1 into the cd drive and clicking the Install Resource option: also the Regional sets by placing any cd labelled 1881 British Census “X” Region Disc 1 into the cd drive where “X” is the name of a region i.e. East Anglia Region.

What was the first census in the UK?

The 1881 census was the first UK census to be made available online. Initially it was transcribed by volunteers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and made available first on CD then later online.