When was Llandaff Cathedral bombed?

2 January 1941
Now, 75 years after the attack on 2 January 1941 survivors relive the night that “everything was in chaos” and how the partial destruction of Llandaff Cathedral led to an unexpected late Christmas present for one group of children.

Who Bombed Bangkok?

Adem Karadag, 31, was identified as the bomber on 26 September while being held in police custody, based on his own confession as well as other evidence. In February 2016, Adem Karadag, also known as Bilal Mohammed, retracted his earlier confession that his lawyer said was a result of torture.

What happened to Cardiff during the Blitz?

The Cardiff Blitz (Welsh: Blitz Caerdydd); refers to the bombing of Cardiff, Wales during World War II. Between 1940 and the final raid on the city in March 1944 approximately 2,100 bombs fell, killing 355 people. Consequently, it and the surrounding area were heavily bombed.

Was Cardiff bombed in ww2?

Newspapers reported that 355 in Cardiff people died from air raids during World War Two, and even more people would have been injured. One of the most devastating raids on Cardiff took place on 2 January 1941. At least 126 people died and 110 homes were destroyed (plus more homes were damaged).

Which British city was bombed the most in ww2?

The air raid on Coventry on the night of 14 November 1940 was the single most concentrated attack on a British city in the Second World War. Following the raid, Nazi propagandists coined a new word in German – coventrieren – to raze a city to the ground.

How many Welsh soldiers died in ww2?

Estimates of the number of Welshmen killed are around 15,000. Whatever their experience, service in the armed forces usually left a profound mark on men and women that stayed with them for the rest of their lives.

Why did the US bomb Thailand?

The bombers struck installations used by the occupying Japanese military, but the raids were also intended to pressure the government of Thai military strongman Plaek Pibulsongkram to abandon his unpopular alliance with Imperial Japan.

Who got bombed the most in ww2?

Kassel City located in the Hesse region of west-central Germany was subjected to an ongoing bombing campaign which started as early as 1942 and ended almost at the end of WWII, in 1945. The heaviest and most severe bombing offensive against the city was done by the British on the night of October 22 to 23, 1943.

What was the most bombed country in ww2?

But they also ended the war devastated: Malta holds the record for the heaviest, sustained bombing attack: some 154 days and nights and 6,700 tons of bombs. The British were unsure of whether they could adequately retain or protect Malta. While a perfect strategic location, it was also a difficult place to defend.

What do you call a soldier that died in war?

In wartime, you’ll hear the word casualty used often for someone killed or injured. The term “casualties of war” has been around for a while and refers to the ugly downside of military victory. Anyone who loses life or limb, either in the fighting or as a civilian, is called a casualty.

What country has the most deaths in World war 2?

the Soviet Union
In terms of total numbers, the Soviet Union bore an incredible brunt of casualties during WWII. An estimated 16,825,000 people died in the war, over 15% of its population. China also lost an astounding 20,000,000 people during the conflict.