When did the Boston Globe expose the Catholic Church?

In 2002, the Boston Globe exposed sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The published work shocked the nation and led to reforms to benefit sexual abuse victims. In 2002, The Boston Globe shocked America with its coverage of a Catholic Church scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Did the Boston Globe win a Pulitzer?

A team of Boston Globe reporters won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of stories that revealed the deadly consequences caused by states across the country failing to track reckless drivers and take them off the road.

Do priests ever go to jail?

According to the John Jay study, 3 percent of all priests against whom allegations were made were convicted and about 2 percent received prison sentences.”

Is Boston a Catholic city?

As Globe reporter Rezendes says, it was “the most Catholic major city in the country.” The three most populous US cities—New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago—had more Catholics, but Boston had the highest percentage. Of the 3.8 million people living in Boston’s metropolitan area in 2001, about 2 million were Catholic.

Does the NY Times own The Boston Globe?

Henry, 71, bought The Boston Globe from The New York Times Company as part of a $70 million deal for New England Media Group in 2013.

Does The Boston Globe make money?

How much money does The Boston Globe make? The Boston Globe generates $180.1M in revenue.

How many Catholic priests went to jail?

What did Michael Rezendes do for the Boston Globe?

Previously, he worked for the Boston Globe Spotlight Team and shared a Pulitzer Prize for revealing the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Mike was also a Pulitzer Prize finalist twice, once in 2007 for an investigation of the debt collection industry, and again in 2017 for an exposé of the mental health care system in Massachusetts.

Where did Michael Rezendes go to college at?

Rezendes graduated from Boston University with a BA in English. In the 2015 film Spotlight, he was portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance.

Who are the reporters of the Boston Globe?

It is a love letter to investigative journalism and a reminder that, 13 years and some $3bn in settlement payments later, survivors in Boston and beyond are still waiting for satisfactory long-term action from the Vatican. Michael Keaton, left, with Boston Globe journalist Walter ‘Robby’ Robinson.

Where are the’spotlight’journalists now?

Where He Is Now: Robinson was editor of the Spotlight Team for seven years and still works at the Boston Globe. Robinson is currently Editor At Large at the paper, and just completed a seven-year run as a Distinguished Professor of Journalism at Northeastern University. On Michael Keaton: “My persona has been hijacked.