When did Ping gorge wedges come out?

07 September 2012
Ping Tour Wedge – Product Details

UK Launch 07 September 2012
USA Launch 07 September 2012
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

What is Ping gorge?

PING TOUR Gorge features grooves that are designed to increase spin and produce a lower launch relative to PING’s Tour S. Bounce options include a standard sole, a thin sole for sweeping swings or firm turf and a wide sole for steeper swings.

What is ss and ws bounce?

SS (STANDARD SOLE): The SS is a mid-bounce, versatile wedge that will work best with more neutral angles of attack. WS (WIDE SOLE): With the most bounce in the Glide line, the WS is a good option for players who have a steep angle of attack or for shots played from heavy rough, soft sand, or softer turf conditions.

What does ws mean Ping?

Wide Sole
When Ping launched its original Glide wedges, it at first only released its three most popular grinds: Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS) and Thin Sole (TS).

Are Ping wedges any good?

The wedges had a really nice soft feel off the face when testing on a variety of greenside shots. I am predominately a feel player around the greens so this is something which is really important to me. By offering a variety of sole options Ping have really provided a wedge for everyone.

What are the best wedges in golf?

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What does SS mean on Ping wedges?

Standard Sole
The CFS wedge shaft and the Glide head design combine to deliver Ping’s most versatile wedge. The Glide wedge is available in 4 different sole grinds: Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS), Thin Sole (TS) and Eye Sole (ES), which allows you to be fit for your attack angle and most common turf conditions.

Does ping make a sand wedge?

Pitching Wedge – 44.5° Utility Wedge – 49.5° Sand Wedge – 54° Lob Wedge – 58°

Who makes the best wedges in golf?

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