When did Deloitte buy BearingPoint?

March 2009
It wasn’t until March 2009 that Deloitte was able to take advantage of that opportunity. That month, Deloitte announced it would buy BearingPoint’s North American public services unit for $350 million in cash as BearingPoint worked through a bankruptcy.

What happened to BearingPoint?

In February 2009 the company’s US unit filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Following restructuring and a management buyout in August 2009, BearingPoint’s continuing operations were organized as a Netherlands-based partnership.

Who bought BearingPoint?

PricewaterhouseCoopers has completed the $44 million acquisition of BearingPoint’s North American Commercial Services business. PwC acquired the business in March, with Deloitte buying the bankrupt consulting company’s North American public services business.

What does BearingPoint do?

BearingPoint today Today, our growth is based on three synergetic business units: Consulting, Business Services, and Software Solutions. The first unit covers the consulting business with a clear focus on selected business areas. The second unit offers IP-driven digital assets and managed services beyond SaaS.

Is BearingPoint a good company?

BearingPoint – A great place to work Great range of Clients and Projects. Great atmosphere of collaboration and willingness to try new things. All staff are valued and recognised for their achievements. Opportunities to work in different European countries, but no pressure to do so.

Does KPMG do consulting?

KPMG’s Management Consulting professionals can help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. We will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the results that matter to you.

Does Bearing Point still exist?

Is KPMG consulting good?

That being said, KPMG is a very good brand and the firm offers incredible training and project work, providing you with great exposure to many of the biggest and most influential businesses in the world.

Who was the company BearingPoint sold to in 2009?

By May 2009, the company’s Japan business unit and North American Commercial Services practice had been sold to PwC and its North American Public Services practice had been sold to Deloitte. Its Brazil unit was sold to CSC in July 2009 and its China unit was sold to Perot Systems in October of the same year.

What kind of services does BearingPoint business services offer?

Business Services offers IP services such as Nitro, an AI-based business planning solution, or BearingPoint’s Emissions Calculator, a solution which enables users to measure their CO2 footprint.

How many employees does Bearing Point Consulting have?

BearingPoint became one of the world’s largest providers of management and technology consulting services, with operations in more than 60 countries and approximately 17,100 employees. In February 2009 the company’s US unit filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

When was the Deloitte BearingPoint convention in Washington DC?

On a single day in early May, 2009, all 5,000+ BearingPoint leadership and staff reported to the massive Washington convention center, met by a few hundred Deloitte leaders and staff.