When did Belgacom TV become Proximus TV?

In September 2014, Belgacom TV became Proximus TV. A few months before the launch of Belgacom TV, on 9 May 2005, Belgacom Group took the whole market by surprise when it acquired the broadcasting rights for the Jupiler Pro League ( Belgian Football League ).

Who is the owner of Proximus mobile network?

On 1 july 1994, Belgacom founded Proximus, Belgium’s first mobile network, by transferring its mobile network and the old analogue Mob2 system to its a subsidiary Belgacom Mobile. 75% of the shareholding was owned by Belgacom and the remaining 25% by Air Touch ( Vodafone from 1999).

When was the first Proximus mobile phone made?

Proximus Mobile (Belgacom Mobile) The Proximus brand was created in 1994, following the launch of the first mobile network. In 2005, an Interbrand study found Proximus to be the second brand in Belgium.

What is the name of Belgacom’s LTE service?

In January this year, Belgacom, under the brand name Proximus, announced that it had made LTE access available to all customers at no extra cost, going against the grain of operators charging a premium for the service.

When did the Belgacom Group buy out Telindus?

Telindus was created in June 2006, following the purchase of Telindus by Belgacom. Since then, the ICT activities of the Belgacom Group have been offered under the Telindus brand, which accordingly changed its logo and brand style.

Why was Belgacom created as a public company?

The Green Paper of 1987 was the basis of the Belgian Act of 21 March 1991, which created a new type of public company with greater autonomy. The Belgian telecommunications sector was reorganised and Belgacom was created as an autonomous public company. This Act aimed to create a favourable environment for the telecommunications market in Belgium.

Which is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium?

The Proximus Group (previously known as Belgacom Group) is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, headquartered in Brussels.

How many subscribers are there for Proximus TV?

At the end of March 2013, there were 1,412,000 Proximus TV subscribers, including the so-called “dual stream” subscribers. By end 2014, Proximus’ TV customer base counted 1,288,000 TV households, or 1,593,000 subscriptions when including multiple set-top boxes. In September 2014, Belgacom TV became Proximus TV.

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