Whats the definition of circuitous?

1 : having a circular or winding course a circuitous route a circuitous journey by snowmobile. 2 : not being forthright or direct in language or action a circuitous explanation His circuitous form of logic was mind-boggling.

What is the synonym of circuitous?

roundabout, indirect, winding, meandering, serpentine, tortuous, twisting. rare anfractuous. direct, straight. 2’a circuitous discussion’ indirect, oblique, roundabout, circumlocutory, periphrastic.

Is tautology circular reasoning?

Circular reasoning refers to certain arguments in which a single premise asserts or implies the intended conclusion. A tautology is a single proposition, not an argument, that is true due to its form alone (therefore true in any model).

What is a sentence for anecdote?

The short story was Maupassant; the anecdote was damnable. He told me some anecdotes. The Journalist tried to relieve the tension by telling anecdotes of Hettie Potter. An amusing anecdote is related of him in his professional career.

Can a person be ponderous?

Ponderous also describes a person’s manner, or their manner of speaking. If it does, this is a person you will want to avoid. They’re solemn, speak slowly about things that are boring, and get to the punchline of a joke about seven years after anyone with half a brain has figured it out for themselves.

¿Cómo puedo programar un PIC?

A continuación vamos a ver unos programas de ejemplo para Programar PIC donde usaremos las instrucciones básicas de como preguntar por una entrada y como activar una salida. Configurando nuestro PIC y colocando nuestro encabezado.

¿Qué son los microcontroladores PIC?

1- Microcontroladores PIC 2- Memoria de datos y programa en PIC 3- PIC 16F84 4- PIC 16F84. Instrucciones. Circuitería 5- Comentarios programa PIC 16F84

¿Qué es un curso para programar microcontroladores?

Recordemos que aunque sea un curso básico para programar microcontroladores, debemos tener un mínimo de conocimiento en lenguaje C y en Electrónica. También explicare como pueden programar el PIC utilizando el quemador PicKit 3 para que graben los programas que vamos a comenzar a hacer en sus microcontroladores.