Whats a good cam for LS3?

If you need a 50-states legal cam for your LS3, use part number 146-103-11. The 8710 cam has 230 degrees of intake duration and 242 degrees of exhaust duration at 0.050 tappet lift.

How much HP does cam add to LS3?

This camshaft is designed for all-out power and shows gains over the stock camshaft beginning at 3,100 RPM. The cam will pull really hard from 4,500 RPM up to the 6,600 RPM HP peak. This camshaft makes 93 flywheel HP more than the factory LS3 camshaft!

Is LS3 single cam?

The Chevrolet 2007 LS2 & 2008 and newer LS3 engines have a single bolt camshaft sprocket design and uses a spring-loaded chain tensioner. To install the earlier style camshaft with the three-bolt sprocket you need this kit.

How much HP does a Stage 3 cam add?

Comp’s cams provide a 2.5 percent increase in the pump lobe to aid in fueling. The PMAS worked remarkably well and was good for another 10.6 hp over our previous intake manifold shootout story, netting 556.1 hp 474.2 lb-ft. The 2018 manifold improved slightly with 552.3 hp and 475.5 lb-ft of torque.

How much does it cost to Cam a LS3?

We start at $1750 for the LS3 and $3250 for the l99 including dod delete. That includes parts, labor, and tuning.

How can I get more horsepower out of my LS3?

Upgrading the LS3 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body The rectangle port intakes flow well, but an aftermarket intake can still make more power. Shorter runner intake manifolds and single-plane intakes make more top-end power, but can lose just as much low-end torque.

How much HP can a stock 6.2 handle?

4, 6.2L truck engines are closely related to the LS3 used in Corvettes and Camaros. Basically stock engines can make 650 hp. under boost. With upgraded internals, they can handle over 1,000 hp.

How many camshafts does a LS3 have?

three cam profiles
The three cam profiles increased duration in successive steps. In addition to the power gains on the otherwise stock LS3 crate motor, supplied by Gandrud Chevrolet, we also monitored the idle vacuum, cranking compression, and measured the all-important piston to valve clearance.

What does 1x cam mean?

1x cam gear is for the 24x reluctor wheel (sp?)…4x is for the 56x. I’m running a 4x on my ’09 LY6 along with a MSD 6LS-2 firing the coil packs. If the system you are looking at is for 24x… you’ll need a 1x cam gear.

What is a Stage 1 cam?

Stage 1 cam sets are used to give increased Torque output in the RPM range below the engine’s Torque peak. More part-throttle Torque, better low RPM throttle response, and increased peak Torque will be produced by these cams. Peak horsepower may also be improved in some cases.

What is considered a stage 3 cam?

The LS1 Stage 3 camshaft was designed for enthusiast who want to increase power while maintaining excellent drivability and manners. This cams can be used with stock torque converters, stock rear gears, stock intake manifold, stock exhaust manifolds etc.

How much lift can LS3 Springs take?

550 Max Lift.