What years did Pontiac make the Trans Am GTA?

The 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA – abbreviated as Pontiac T/A ’87 – is a FR sports car by Pontiac that debuted in Forza Motorsport 4, and featured in all subsequent main series titles since Forza Motorsport 5 as part of the LaFerrari Car Pack.

What year was the first GTA Trans Am?

History of the Trans-Am Series

Category Sports car racing
Country United States
Inaugural season 1966
Official website www.gotransam.com
Current season

What does GTA mean on a Firebird?

Good Times Ahead
GTA, said one sales brochure, stands for “Good Times Ahead!” Pontiac Firebirds were proving less popular than Camaros, but they held a loyal following of buyers from different age groups, who relished its flashy styling and muscular performance.

Does GTA stand for?

It is also announced that GTA V will get a new arsenal of weapons, new jobs, new vehicles, new properties and player customization….GTA.

Acronym Definition
GTA Grand Theft Auto (video game)
GTA Greater Toronto Area (Canada)
GTA Grand Theft Auto (legal)
GTA Ground-to-Air

What does GTA stand for on a car?

Grand Theft Auto Advance
Grand Theft Auto Advance, also known simply as Grand Theft Auto, 2004.

Is there a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am GTA notchback?

Very Rare 1988 Pontiac Trans Am GTA Notchback :: 1 of 718, Powered by 5.7L V8 Engine, Automatic Tra Gateway Classic Cars of Orlando is proud to offer this extremely well kept 1986 Pontiac Firebird Tr

When did the Pontiac Trans Am Come Out?

This section of the Source Page traces the evolution of Pontiac’s performance flagship F-Body, the Trans Am (T/A). From its not-so-humble beginnings in 1969, the T/A has always been the pinnacle of Pontiac F-Body performance, even up to today’s latest 2000 Ram Air models.

What did the Trans Am GTA look like?

On all GTA models from 1987-92, though, the exterior ornamentation remained the same. GTAs used body-colored epoxy-filled emblems rather than tape stripes and decals. A gold Firebird could be found on the rear sail panel.

How much horsepower does a Trans Am GTA have?

The 3.8L SFI Turbo was rated at 250 HP and 340 lb./ft. of torque in 1989, which was, at best, a very moderate estimate………… 1989 was the only season it would see duty in the Firebird line and then only in the 1,555 Pace Cars. The standard suspension for the GTA was the WS6 Level III Performance Suspension.