What year is the old T plate?

Prefix Letter Age Identifier

1996 P
1997 R
1998 S
1999 T

Is my registration plate worth anything?

Name number plates are worth most As a rule, if a number plate has an easily recognisable name on it, it’s worth a lot. Especially if it doesn’t have too many ‘spare’ letters or numbers on it. A full name (like Simon or David) is harder to create on a number plate so it’s worth more.

How can you tell how old a number plate is?

The first represents the region and the second a DVLA local office. Age identifier The two numbers in the middle show the age of the vehicle down to a six month period – March to August or September to February. The age identifier changes on 1 March and 1 September.

What is the 70 registration plate?

Vehicles first registered between 1st September 2020 to the end of February 2021 will feature the brand new ’70’ registration plate. Here’s everything you need to know about the new plate and what it could mean for your current car warranty…

How do I sell my number plate privately?

How to sell my private number plate

  1. First step: check whether you can legally sell your plates. There are a couple of prerequisites to legally sell a number plate.
  2. Second step: accurately value your plates.
  3. Third step: advertise your number plates.
  4. Fourth step: get an offer and complete the sale.

What’s the value of my registration number plate?

If you are asking yourself what’s my registration number plate worth, you are in luck if your registration plates spell out a popular name. These names are highly sought after and readily marketable. As a number plate seller, the price tag would be in your favour. For example, Rachel or Joshua would be valuable number plates.

How much is a private number plate worth?

These number plates are often sold with lower number plate value. For example, there are plenty of cheap private plates under £200 for people on a budget. If you have this type of plate, it’s worth assessing the value and ensuring you sell it for the best price.

When did suffix style registration plates start being issued?

Suffix style number plates started being issued after 1963. Because the authorities could not keep up with the demand for number plates, they introduced a new system. On suffix style number plates, the last letter indicates the year the registration number got issued.

How often are car number plates issued in the UK?

Number plates in the UK are issued twice a year – between 6 month intervals, and are in the format AB51 ABD, where the numeric characters show the year.