What year is MD318LL?

MacBook Pro 15-Inch “Core i7″ 2.2 Late 2011 Specs (Late 2011 15”, MD318LL/A, MacBookPro8,2, A1286, 2563*): EveryMac.com.

What year is A1286 MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro Unibody 15″ A1286 – Mid 2012.

What is the latest OS for MacBook Pro Late 2011?

High Sierra
High Sierra is the latest macOS for your MacBook Pro. You’d better upgrade RAM, you can upgrade till 16GB(two 8GB 1333 MHz PC3-10600 SO-DIMMs) and replace HDD with SSD. High Sierra is the last OS you can upgrade to.

How much storage does a 2011 MacBook Pro have?

Unibody MacBook Pro Q&A

2.7 13″ (Early 2011) 2.8 13″ (Late 2011)
Maximum Memory: 16 GB* 16 GB*
Hard Drive Size: 500 GB 750 GB
Serial ATA: 6 Gb/s 6 Gb/s
SuperDrive: 8X DL 8X DL

How much RAM can I add to my MacBook pro late 2011?

Memory specifications

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)
Number of memory slots 2
Maximum memory 8 GB
Memory card specifications – Double Data Rate Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (DDR3) format – 30mm (1.18 inch) – 2 GB or 4 GB – 204-pin – PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 MHz type RAM

What ports does a late 2011 MacBook Pro have?

Connections and expansion

  • MagSafe power port.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • FireWire 800 port (up to 800 Mbps)
  • Two USB 2.0 ports (up to 480 Mbps)
  • Thunderbolt port (up to 10 Gbps)
  • Audio in/out.
  • SDXC card slot.
  • Kensington lock slot.

Do Macs slow down over time?

Macs will slow down when performing complex tasks, or a number of tasks at any one time. This is perfectly normal, as the Mac divvies up tasks through its processors. Slow load times, extended start times for applications, and unresponsive windows are all signs that your Mac may be slowing down over time.

What operating system can a 2011 MacBook Pro run?

The Mac OS X 10.6. 7 Update for MacBook Pro is recommended for all early 2011 MacBook Pro models. It includes general operating system fixes for Mac OS X Snow Leopard that enhance the stability, compatibility, performance, and security of your Mac, including fixes that: Improve the reliability of Back to My Mac.

How much RAM can I add to my MacBook Pro late 2011?

How much did a MacBook Pro cost in 2011?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro comes in $1,199 and $1,499 configurations, with 2.3GHz Core i5 and 2.7GHz Core i7 dual-core CPUs, respectively….Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 review: Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011.

Price as reviewed / starting price $1,199 / $1,199
Processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i5