What year did both Drazen and Vlade start in the NBA?

They played together from 1986 to 1990. Both were later drafted by NBA teams. Petrović played for the Portland Trailblazers and New Jersey Nets while Divac became a star for the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams. Dražen Petrović died tragically in a car accident in 1993.

What happened to the friendship of the basketball brothers?

And these two men, once brothers, were now on opposite sides of a deadly civil war. As Petrovic and Divac continued to face each other on the basketball courts of the NBA, no words passed between the two. Then, on the fateful night of June 7, 1993, Drazen Petrovic was killed in an auto accident.

What NBA teams did Vlade Divac play for?

Vlade Divac

Personal information
1983–1986 Sloga
1986–1989 Partizan
1989–1996 Los Angeles Lakers
1996–1998 Charlotte Hornets

How many countries did Yugoslavia break up into by 2008?

six republics
After the Allied victory in World War II, Yugoslavia was set up as a federation of six republics, with borders drawn along ethnic and historical lines: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

How much is a Vlade Divac rookie card worth?

Card Price Bids
1990-91 Fleer #91 Vlade Divac RC Graded CSG 9 MINT ~ Los Angeles Lakers HOF $12.99 BIN
Vlade Divac Rookie Rc Lot (50) – 1990 Skybox, NBA Hoops, Fleer LA Lakers $4.99
1990-91 NBA Hoops Basketball Vlade Divac #154 Rookie Card Lakers $0.99

What does Vlade Divac do now?

According to The Athletic’s Sam Amick, Vlade Divac has stepped down as the Kings’ Vice President of Basketball Operations. The job is now handed to Joe Dumars, with the intern tag, and the team is now in search of a new general manager.

Why doesn’t Vlade attend the funeral?

what was the moment that Vlade felt that his friendship with Drazen ended? Why did Vlade NOT attend Drazen’s funeral? Because of the war, he stayed away. Why did Vlade take the flag from the fan at the 1990 European Championship?

What was Drazen Petrovic nationality?

Dražen Petrović/Nationality

Who is Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac?

Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were two friends who grew up together sharing the common bond of basketball. Together, they lifted the Yugoslavian National team to unimaginable heights. After conquering Europe, they both went to America where they became the first two foreign players to attain NBA stardom.

Where did Drazen Petrovic play in the NBA?

Petrovic, a Croatian, refused to speak to his old friend Divac after the flag incident and the outbreak of civil war, even though the two players played together in the USA’s National Basketball Association (NBA) — Petrovic with the Portland Trail Blazers and Divac at the Los Angeles Lakers.

When did Petrovic and Divac split up Yugoslavia?

But with the fall of the Soviet Union on Christmas Day 1991, Yugoslavia split up. A war broke out between Petrovic’s Croatia and Divac’s Serbia. Long buried ethnic tensions surfaced. And these two men, once brothers, were now on opposite sides of a deadly civil war.

Who was at Vlade Divac’s last game?

“Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja are both Croatian but they still came to Divac’s last game and it was a time of great jubilation. I believe Petrovic would have been there too and everything would have been like before.”