What went well feedback examples?

Feedback examples:

  • “Your emails have gotten so much more clear recently. I know you’ve been working on that, and I see the fruits of your labors.”
  • “I’m so impressed by how gracefully you’ve been juggling so many things. I might ask you to teach a time management course to the rest of the company.”

What are examples of constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback examples

  • Example 1: Employee’s performance is slacking.
  • Example 2: Employee turns in lower-quality work.
  • Example 3: Employee misses a meeting unexpectedly.
  • Example 4: Employee demonstrates a negative attitude.
  • Example 5: Employee struggles to speak up.

What is an example of feedback?

An example of feedback is a judge in a dance competition giving constructive criticism after a performance. An example of feedback is a high pitched noise that is returned from a speaker when a microphone gets too close to it. After you hand in your essays, I will give both grades and feedback.

How do you write good feedback example?

Here are some examples of specific praise you can use.

  1. This thesis statement is very clear.
  2. This paragraph is full of details.
  3. Your introduction really grabbed my attention.
  4. This transition word is perfect for shifting to the next main idea.
  5. I love how you wrapped up all the main points at the end.

How do you write a feedback message?

Remember, here’s all there is to it:

  1. Nail the subject line.
  2. Open with a salutation.
  3. Tell people why you’re asking them for feedback.
  4. Let them know how you’ll use the feedback (and how it benefits them)
  5. Make sure they know how long it will take.
  6. Thank them and send them to your CTA.

How do I get the best feedback?

  1. Website and web app surveys. Website and web app surveys (also called in-app surveys) are a great way to get accurate customer feedback.
  2. Feedback button. It’s an always-visible, static button that floats on the side of your website.
  3. Email-embedded and link surveys.
  4. Mobile app surveys.
  5. Chat surveys.